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Fatherhood is not just about having children, see what Father Hood is About - Alhassan Andani

Israelwrites 06/28/2020

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stanbic Bank Ghana, Mr Alhassan Andani, has exhorted fathers to separate having kids from the calling of parenthood. 

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As per him, parenthood goes past accommodating the requirements of the kid and paying school charges, yet carrying on with a real existence worth copying by the youngsters. 

"The dad conveys the inheritance and notoriety of the family and therefore, he is relied upon to behave in a way that his significant other and kids would be glad to convey his name. 

"Fathers are the impressions of their families and must, along these lines, act dependably", he said. 

Mr Andani, who is likewise the Chief of Pishigu in the Karaga District in the Northern Region, was talking in a Facebook Live discussion as a component of the current year's Fathers Day festivity. 

The point was being a dad in a quick evolving world. 

Dependable character 

Mr Andani is viewed as one of Ghana's most charming business pioneers with a reviving character that is reflected in his work and relationship with all individuals. 

When asked what had made him a social butterfly's, he said he had taken in exercises from his dad, and his conviction that "every individual have a reason and there is a motivation behind why God presents to them your way." 

Those, he stated, had guided his relationship with individuals from varying backgrounds. 

"My dad had an enthusiasm to be a dad for all and this showed me benevolence. Additionally, God in his unbounded insight made each individual with special characteristics. 

"I accept all of us has a unique reason and a motivation behind why God presents to them our way. 

"I, along these lines, put forth a cognizant attempt to cause everybody around me to feel unique. 

"I likewise accept that God made me particular with certain special characteristics and that if l am not around individuals will feel my nonappearance, I monitor that desirously. I have confidence in myself that I can have any kind of effect," he emphasised.

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