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Dismal!! Man Beats Maid Black And Blue Over Bathing Water

ghananews 06/25/2020

A moderately aged man has been captured for supposedly giving his home assistance extreme beatings for not bringing washing water for him. 

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As per reports, the speculate one Hillary Apeh from Enugu state was said to have severally attacked the casualty with marks all over her body. 

An occupant of the zone called stateman describing the episode said it was primitive and insensitive. 

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"We found the young lady along the road getting water around evening time with a swollen face and wounds all over her body. 

At the point when we asked her what occurred, she was unable to talk since she had lost her voice while crying. 

We immediately detailed the issue to the police and the man was brought along with his significant other. He told the police that he beat the young lady since he returned from market and there was no water at home for him to wash. 

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This present man's first little girl is more seasoned than this blameless young lady, yet he was unable to exhibit his annoyance on his own little girl for not getting water." Stateman said 

Police have since zoomed into examinations concerning the issue. 

It is astonishing that individuals go in for house encourages yet can't take of them. 

There must be a law that will state how house enables must to be dealt with. 

It shocking to see a small kid being utilized as house helps and are intensely abused . 

Guardians ought to figure out how to keep their kids with them instead of offering them to individuals. 

Why conceive an offspring on the off chance that you cannot deal with the individual yet will rather open the individual to mishandle and abusing from others

Source: opera.com
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