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Reexamination of Job Creation Under the Current (NPP) Administration

ClassicalPerspective 06/25/2020

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Considering the mortifying economic performance scored under the previous government, which the NPP administration inherited, an ovation is merited when job creation is mentioned under the present Akuffo Addo-led administration. The NPP government, within a span of three (3) years, has created over 300,000 jobs for the youth. This achievement surpasses the entire performance rating of the previous administration, of which the eight (8) years spent in governing the nation never yielded any substantial achievement. 

In fact, when the NPP took over in 2016, the mantle was faced with a disturbing impediment having the nation completely submerged in a state of utter spoilage. Amidst all the giant constraints, the current administration has been able to eke out through the odds to set the nation on rebound. The NPP manifesto featured higher proportion of job creation for the youth and, indeed, the state of affairs now gives a testament to the promises made by the president. The job creation permeates all spheres of the economy. As indicated by the National Youth Wing of the NPP during a press conference, held in July 2019, when it comes to Agriculture, 26,500 youth were employed between the periods 2017 and 2018. Additional 33,000 spots were made available in 2019, last year. Under the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Programme, additional 1,345 people have been trained and given financial support to commence business and recruit others. The Health Sector has also employed more workers with preparations being made to recruit more into the pool.

In 2018, the president, though had made a remarkable achievement in the provision of jobs, was not gratified with his outstanding performance. He launched the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), which provided an opportunity for 100,000 graduates to work and learn employable skills to secure their future. The engagement timeline was set to three (3) years for the first batch, however, as at now, over 11000 beneficiaries have exited into permanent employment with their Module Implementation Partners (MIPs). Plans are far advanced to absorb the remaining beneficiaries into permanency. It must be recognized that with the appointment of Dr. Ibrahim Anyars as the CEO, the initiative has made a great impact in the lives of the Ghanaian youth, because of his positive spirit in leadership working along a team of effective supporters.

In the wisdom of the president and his cabinet ministers, such an opportunity of providing skill training to 100000 trainees to secure their future has met the expectation of Ghanaians. During the early phase of the operationalization of the NABCO scheme, the opposition party, with its usual unrefined way of politicizing every single initiative of the NPP government, launched another attack in connection to the NABCO scheme. To their astonishment, taking the stance that NABCO was only to serve as a political tool for the NPP government to score points, the impact of the initiative has proven to serve the purpose of social security.

The benefit of NABCO knows no political color; the positive impact to beneficiaries is not tired to any specific political affiliation. We must appreciate the effort of the NPP government in helping address unemployment, a discommoding situation which has long griped the nation.

We must admit that a lot has been done under the current administration, however, with the president being a visionary leader, we can hold his commitment to the development plan compendium in respect of the next administrative gear. We have tasted and felt the good works of the NPP government, thus, we must do the needful, the only rational thing most appropriate, to vote Nana Akuffo-Addo into retention for more to be achieved for mother Ghana.


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Akwasi Botchway.

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