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End Of Tussle As Supreme Court Finally Makes Brave Judgement On New Voters Register!

Mrgossiper 06/25/2020

Most recent news rolling in from the preeminent Court is that the Supreme Court of Ghana has given the green light to the appointive commission to proceed with the assemblage of the new voter's register which is set for completion of this current month. 

The Supreme Court has in a consistent choice decided that the Electoral Commission has the ability to order another register. 

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Private resident Mark Takyi-Banson and the restriction NDC recorded the case in court asking that it prevents the EC from assembling the enlist or permit the utilization of birth authentication and voters ID card by planned voters as verification of recognizable proof 

The EC's contentions 

The commission in its lawful contentions says the current voter register which was gathered in 2012 and changed since by restricted activities has been held by the pinnacle court as not being sensibly solid. 

Legitimate group for the Electoral Commission 

The EC makes references to the instances of Abu Ramadan and Another v. the Electoral Commission and another and Kwasi Danso Acheampong v the Electoral Commission and other. 

It contends the two cases brought up issues about the current voters register with one holding that utilizing the National Health Insurance card to jump on the register was in opposition to law. 

The Commission says this signifies "the validity of the register ordered in accordance with C.I. stays in question spare the enrollments finished with the voter distinguishing proof cards before the becoming effective of C.I. 72". 

The commission further says not utilizing the Voters ID and birth endorsement will bear the cost of it a chance to accumulate a tenable register. 

Anyway the uplifting news here is that the Supreme Court has acknowledged the NDC's suit which is to include the current voter's ID as one of the fundamental necessities for the excercise. 

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This obviously implies the Opposition National just Congress has won the body of evidence against the EC's choice to just utilized the Ghana card and visa as essential prerequisite for one to get enlisted. 

The Court administering was chosen by a seven part board which was directed by Chief Justice Kwasi Anim Yeboah. 

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The NDC has prior filled two suits against the appointive commission. First the NDC was provoking the EC's choice to aggregate another voter's register as illegal and furthermore the choice of the EC to reject the current voter's ID as necessities for the excercise is likewise unlawful. 

In any case, in the past hearing under the steady gaze of today the Supreme Court said it is inconceivable for a gathering to look for help and furthermore request another alleviation in the other option. This has made the NDC to drop the principal suit that looks to provoke the EC's choice to assemble another register and rather center to move the choice of the EC to reject the current voter's ID as an essential archive for one to be enlisted.

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Top Comments
tahiduhabib · 06/25/2020
stupid judges. Npp appointed judges doing foolish things in the court.
GREATMAM · 06/25/2020
We will do the card but we will vote against NPP for telling us to risk our lives at this time.
IbrahimPrah · 06/25/2020
no the publication is a lie no voters ID cards and birth certificate will be accepted check graphic online now
+233-50460**** · 06/25/2020
Liar! Go and revise your comprehension notes or re-write your WASSCE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

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