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Should Arresting Witches And Wizards Be Allowed In The Constitution ?

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Exorcism is a spiritual exercise. It is been practiced by both Christians and Muslims. It is very common in Christianity. But hardly will you see Traditional fetish priest in the act of exorcism.

A Goaso based Fetish Priestess Abenaa Kuubie is a powerful priestess who arrest witches and wizards immediately she sets eyes on them. She came into the limelight just yesterday after videos of her exorcising her own sister of witchcraft.

Many felt its human rights abuse but others felt it was in order spiritually. People insulted those who took videos of her exercise because they felt they could have freed the victim. The spectators indicated that anytime they held the body of the Priestess in attempt to stop her, she shocked like electricity. And whenever she spoke, you physically see smoke all over you.

This priestess is touted for giving witches and wizards in and around Goaso sleeplessness as she has arrested almost 25 victims with her powers within a month.

This woman is set to overtake Kwaku Bonsam, Agradaa and other famous priests with her own style of witchcraft arrest.

Do you feel its right to practice exorcism contrary to the constitution by assaulting individuals?

Source: opera.com
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