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71 Year-Old Man Raped a 13 Year-Old Girl.

ThompsonKwaku 06/24/2020

Crime rate in Africa is increasing and governments all over should put their heads together, to fight it mercilessly.

A 71 year old man has reportedly defiled a girl of 13 years.

A maize seller in the Gombe market who stays at Idi Quarters was arrested on the 18th of June for committing such abominable act.

The suspect lured the girl to grind maize and steal more at the grinding place. Information revealed that, the suspect gave a talisman to the victim to bury in her home to prevent her from being caught while she steals. The girl however, succeeded in stealing almost 146 measures of maize.

Thereafter, the 71 year old man had an affection with the girl. Also the victim confessed to have fallen for issues of rape 10 good times. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The commissioner of police in the state, Maikudi Shesu disclosed the information at a press briefing on Wednesday. He added that, a member of the kidnapping gang was also in police custody.

The general public is encouraged to continue their support to fight crime in Nigeria.

Source: opera.com
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