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Agbogba residents laments over unpleasant smell from fishpond.

AllGossips 06/25/2020

Agbogba residents laments over unpleasant smell from fishpond.

Residents in Agbogba EP which is in the Ga-East consistuency whose member of Parliament is Hon. Sarah Adwoa Sarfo has lamented or complained bitterly to authorities to come to their aid as they need help to stop certain bad issues going on in the community that is problems with a richman in the community pumping out fish waste water from his fenced home unto the streets in the community which is appalling.

They community members stated that they needed help to stop this man since the man claims he's in connections with authorities so community members can't stop him.

They stated that the unpleasant smell from this man's house is bad and can really cause problems to the health and human system especially the old and children in the community.

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The residents of Agbogba EP community said they are really in dire need of help or else this unpleasant smell would gradually gradually wipe them off.

I hope right authorities would get to hear this and help residents if Agbogba EP in the Ga-East consistency.

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