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Messi is the cause of Barcelona defeat -fans react

HansbeckJnr 06/29/2020

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One of Barca fans reacts about Messi in a YouTube comments”Messi is the reason for Barca losses , he doesn’t listen to coaches instructions ... he gets mad with players and staffs. He thinks he is more than club so if Barca wants to win trophies then they need to get rid of Messi. He only passes the ball to Suarez because he always wants Suarez with him ....I can’t believe this !!”Yet perhaps some of that blame needs to fall also on the shoulders of the game's greatest player—Lionel Messi. Perhaps he is somewhat at fault for Barcelona's shock Champions League loss.

I'm not saying that Messi is entirely to blame, nor am I suggesting that he is the sole villain on their side.

But with many quick to come to the defense of Messi, we must be careful not to exclude him from criticism—especially when in fact he is just as responsible as any other Barcelona player for their tournament exit. What do you guys think?

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+260-96393**** · 06/30/2020
yes guys you are right,messi needs to be social to every player not only to Suarez alone.
EricAnigye · 07/1/2020
dont blame messi alone but blame our incompetent board n coaching staff....remember it started from some where....if your leader or president refuses to think does wat happens
AngelicQyceeShako · 06/30/2020
if messi is e reason substitute him u always complain when your team is losing same u do to cr7
MosesMensah_09 · 06/30/2020
we want phillipe coutinho to come back ooooo setien and stop been dolt😂😂😂

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