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Guys,6 Sure Signs She's only Using You

Shiela 2d

It may seems a bit strange for a lady to write about such a delicate topic involving men, but who else would be best qualified to speak on such an intricate topic? .The adage,"love goes where love is",Is unfortunately,sorry guys ,not always true.A lady can be with a guy,even get married to him due to various reasons and love would be the leat of it.Today,I would delve into some of these reasons for the sake of by brothers.The signs I would enumerate here have been gathered from personal experience and from talking with my girlfriends.

Everyone would like to be loved not just because of any other reason but love itself.It takes more than just physical attraction and material possession to genuinely love someone from deep inside your heart.If you sense one or more of these signs, know that her love for you is weak or absence.Let's spill the beans.

1:She makes unnecessary material demands.Ok, I'll confess,it feels good to receive gifts from your boyfriend because it makes you feel loved.However, it becomes something else when the demand becomes unreasonable($2000 for purse?) As ladies , we would dangle gifts as reward for sex with guys we don't really love but would freely give it out without hesitation when we are truly in love.Girls who do this would never give you the time of day unless its on your bankroll.They are basically trying to use you t o attain a lifestyle they can afford themslves.Guys be wise.

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2:Shes very interested in your line of business/work,not because it make you happy.A user would do all they can to find out how much you earn and your status.Do not mistake this for love, they just want to no how much gold they can dig out of you.A good sign is when you're constantly being asked about how much you earn and how you need to rake in even more cash.Sorry guys when we are in love , it does not matter if its GES who pays you(no disrespect to teachers)

3:The feeling that you are in a lopsided relationship.Do you feel like you doing all the work and that she holds all the cards?Are your efforts appreciated and returned in kind?.If you stoped paying for everything would she stay or pick up the slack?.Do you feel uneasy about these question? whiles it may not always be the case, it proves something is really wrong with your relationship.If you feel you are in an uneasy relationship, please think twice guys.

3.You honestly don't feel any vibe.What does your gut feelings tells you? love is felt wherever it is present so when you don't feel anything deep inside,trust you're gut feelings.She's not into you but only using you. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

4: Does She dangle the carrot? .Does your girlfriend insinuate that she would only sleep with you only when certain conditions are met?.This is called the "carrot maneuver" It's something that turns relationships into nightmare.The "carrot 'often is affection,committment or sex.Should you ever find yourself giving more than you should for these things,you are being manipulated or used.Advise yourselves guys.

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4:She makes you feel like a bad person when you voice your needs.Users would try everything they can to avoid everything they don't want to do,particulaly when they've gotten what they want.For example if you haven't had sex for a year,they'll scream"its all about sex with you.When you are cash strapped, she would say "why can't you provide for me?'.If your needs are not being met because of avoidance, she'll turn your own need against you.

5:Its all about what she wants to do, never about what you want.It not a healthy relationship if all the terms of engagements are set by her.You do what she wants but you are met with excuses when it's time to do what you want.Her anger is only quelled when you give her what she want .Your need are not important.Your long texts are only responded to by a single word.She doesn't love you brother.

6:She threatens you with break-up every now and then:A girl who loves you would never blackmail you with break-ups upon the least provocation because she cherishes what she has.A user on the other hand would threaten you with break-up when you don't agrees to being used like a fool.

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Now, the question is,why do guys put up with such abhorrent behaviour from users? let's know your views in the comment section below and subscribe for more interesting articles.

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GUEST_kxNdqx7eO · 06/25/2020
worth sharing
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Also u find time to be with her and yet she always claim to busy all de time
GUEST_XeJExWzLw · 06/28/2020
so wat does it mean when you offer to take ur girlfriend out on a date and she always turn u down with excuses and yet she goes out with her friends
BrooklynHannah · 07/8/2020
nice piece

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