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Much More Severe Earthquake ls About To Hit Ghana

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Scientists all over the world have up thier games following the earthquake which happened on Wednesday, 24th June 2020.

Information being gathered from both scientists from Ghana and abroad is that, a much more severe and deadly earthquake is about hitting Ghana and other parts of the world.

A professor in risk management has said that, Ghana for that matter Africa and other parts of the world should prepare for the worst as far as earthquake is concerned.

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Geologists all over the world, have cautioned people to seek proper survey of thier lands to ensure that, thier buildings are not on earthquake prone areas.

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However, experts have stated that, anytime there is an incident of an earthquake;

 1) one should get out of his or her room and be in a plain compound or field.

2) one should hide under his or her table or bed to avoid being hit by any falling object during the shake or the earthquake.

3)Last but not the least, avoid staying around earthquake prove areas.

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