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K.T. Hammond Has No Business Speaking On Our Behalf - Dominic Nitiwul

DennisOptymyst 06/29/2020

The Member of Parliament for Adansi Asokwa constituency, Lawyer Kobina Tahir Hammond (popularly known as K.T Hammond) has come under intense criticism for his alleged comments that sought to portray some people of the Volta Region as Togolese citizens and coming in to vote during elections in Ghana.

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Mr. Dominic Nitiwul

In response to this statement by the long serving MP on Asempa FM "Ekosii Sɛn" this evening June 29, Mr. Dominic Nitiwul, the Minister of Defence condemned some of the comments by his colleague and asserted that he doesn't have any authority to speak for the Defence Ministry or the NPP party.

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Hon. Kobina Tahir Hammond

"K.T. Hammond himself, if he spoke like that, he has no business speaking on our behalf. Some of the things he said were basically wrong." He argued. Mr. Nitiwul further pointed out that Mr. K.T. Hammond's thinking that some Togolese came in to vote in the second round of the 2008 elections is unfortunate. "I mean it is not true, he didn't get his facts right."

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Mr. Nitiwul further dismissed claims that the military has been deployed to harass the people in the Volta Region since several border regions have received similar military presence to assist the immigration service in curbing illegal immigrants in the control of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

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Top Comments
robertkandibiga · 06/30/2020
but he spoke
+233-24313**** · 06/30/2020
The minister of defence, Hon. Nitiwul's point doesn't add up that the security presence is to help the Immigration service in curbing illegal immigrants in the control of Convid 19. I doubt it. I live at the boarder region to the west, without fear, we have not received any group of military. In fact we are experiencing dictatorship in this era. This is not what we were promised and voted for. Avoid this intimidation. Ghana must rise against oppressors rule.
DorisJato · 06/29/2020
you npp don't have any concrete answer because the truth about this soldier will be very disgracefully to npp
GUEST_Z3Agy989r · 06/29/2020
useless people. Even you.

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