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Should Ghanaians Expect A Presidential Address This Sunday?

GregoryOware 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. During the last Presidential address on 21st June 2020, President Akuffo Addo delivered a message, biding farewell to the students of Senior High Schools who were to open the following day. He also took this opportunity to brief the nation on the current state and measures taken against the deadly Coronavirus. If the President is to address the nation on 28th June, which falls on this Sunday, it will be the 13th address to the nation since his first in March.

President Akuffo Addo in his 10th address, stated that restrictions we're eased allowing some social gatherings to commence, but still with some limited number and protocols in place. He allowed churches, university final year students and religious places of worship to reopen. However, the number of people who were to be in each room and number of hours to be spent. Nevertheless, he provided them with buckets, soap and nose masks.

Concerning the Senior High Students, he said all day students shall become boarders, and there shall be no gatherings of any sort. Students who would break bounds and are caught, would be sent home by their parents until the time for examination is due. The President has also assured the public and parents that, he would be the last person to put the life of the children at risk. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Again, he stressed on the new policy that, nobody should be found outside their houses without nose masks. This would attract a punishment of paying GH¢60,000 or facing a term of 10 years in prison. Already, this has caught up with some citizens.

With the month's last Sunday on 28th June, the President may be likely to address the nation as impressive recoveries of the Covid 19 patients have been recorded. If he will address the nation, the time will soon be out. Stay safe and updated.

Source: opera.com
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