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A Man Hid Couple's Spoon In Their Bible To Test Them.

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A couple who claimed to be staunch Christians have failed in a spoon test. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Over years, many persons all over the world have had their lives transformed after following Jesus Christ.

The followers of Jesus Christ from all aspects of life repented and gave their lives to Christ to be saved from the unquenchable flame of fire specially prepared for Satan and his followers.

Today too, many people boost of being followers of Jesus Christ and a staunch Believers after they were born by followers into a Christian home.

According to Christians, the Holy Book which is the Bible is their weapon anytime they go into trouble. The believe is that, the Bible has everything needed in life.

Well, many people may boost of being staunch Believers, attending Church Services all day long through out the week and dressing fancily to attract others but how often do they read their Holy Books is the question.

One day evening, a pastor visited a couple in their house. He went there as an ordinary person to put the faith of the couple into a test as ordered by God.

The couple in their marriage haven't been able to produce offsprings for almost eight years now. They always visit the church to pray and call on God to intervene so that, they can also have at least one child on their own. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The pastor in an ordinary attire appeared one late afternoon when the couple were about to have dinner. The pastor asked if he can be offered something to eat and drink for he had walked all day long but have not gotten even a pesewa to buy something for himself.

The man hurriedly brought the pastor in the house and offered him a seat to relax. He told the wife to bring water to the pastor for nourishment. After the pastor had drank the water, he asked politely for food.

The wife served the pastor at the dinning table. Whiles the pastor was enjoying the food at the table all alone, he opted for Bible of which the woman brought to him quickly. But nobody knew what he was going to do with the Bible.

After satisfactory, the pastor secretly placed the spoon in the Bible. He thanked the couple for their hospitality and promised to visit them one day to celebrate with them. He left the house and went back home.

After few minutes, the woman started complaining the pastor had stolen their spoon. To them, the saw the man as an ordinary person who felt tired and decided to eat from their house. The woman was very annoyed for helping a stranger and gotten this in pay back.

After years, the pastor reappeared in the house again but in his clerical attire. The couple were shocked for a while after seeing him. The woman in a soft voice asked about the missing spoon two years ago.

The Pastor then told them the purpose why he came to the house the other time looking wretched. He told them if they have read the Bible, they would have seen the spoon and that is where they would have started to procreate.

He advised them not to be believers without reading their Holy Books. The couple felt ashamed and pleaded with the pastor to bless them before he leaves.

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