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Woman Kills Husband Because Of Banku And Tilapia

akrofitv 06/25/2020

Hmm wonders shall never and ever end. Please stay tuned and read

This Incident Happened At Accra Weija

A woman by name Beauty stays with husband who is also Francis, a 5 year old baby and a 6months old baby.

Life hasn't been easy for Francis when he lost his job. Francis wife always quarrelled with him because he leaves no money for food.

Beauty reported Francis to his family that he doesn't take care of her and their children, and when Francis got to know about his wife reporting him, he became annoyed and quarrelled again with his wife.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Francis then left for town and when he was back home, he saw that his wife has prepared Banku and Pepper, so he sat down and opened the food to eat.

When he opened the food, he noticed that there was no fish on it whiles there was fish on his wife's own. So he questioned her. His wife told him that, if he had left money then she would have used to buy fish for him.

Francis who was already annoyed slapped the wife twice(2), then they started to fight. Her wife had a kitchen knife in her hand and as they were fighting, she stabbed the husband in the chest twice.

His husband started to bleed, he was taken to the hospital immediately, but he lost it. Beauty had killed his husband over quarreling of food.

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Top Comments
OwusuDaniel_19 · 06/26/2020
Oh no too bad "aduane nti "you kill a human being that's why our elders said "it's better to lose your wife than to lose your job "may soul rest in peace .
AnitaDzifa · 06/26/2020
IbrahimMohammedKamel · 06/26/2020
MonicaAbakah · 06/26/2020
hmmm, sorry mum

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