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How to control your money.

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It's hard to work under unfavorable conditions and earn money but let it loose easily." You've got to take control of your money before it controls you.

Here are simple was to control your money

1. Ignore unnecessary demands: most of the things we spend on are wants and not needs. Resist the temptation of going to the mall or shop if you are an impulsive buyer. Channel your energy on other things like gaming or reading when ever you feel like buying something that's not worth it. Always ask your self how long will what am buying last and will it end in the trash sooner or later.

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2. Don't by things because they are cheap: plan your list by prioritizing the essentials first. Example food is a basic need to survive. Put your essential needs first and cut off unnecessary spending.

3. Make a budget: set a monthly budget and stick to it.make sure the budget does not exceed one-fourth of your salary if you are single. Don't add unnecessary stuff.

4. Track your spending: always make sure you keep the lost of items and prices,see how much you have spent and try to cut down the next budget.

5. Cook Your meals: There are times we crave for tasty meals. instead of buying from outside, try cooking one at home. The internet has a lot of recipe from pizza, sushi and what have you. You can improve your cooking skills this way and also suprise your friends saving you money and time. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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