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Advice Tips For WASSCE and BECE Candidates

Richmond2356 06/29/2020

It is important to express my view about advice tips for West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and Basic Education Certificate Examination Candidates.Please your future depends on the Examination you are going to write, so takes it serious. The following are advice tips. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

1.Get yourself prepared.

Start reading and solving questions from the beginning of every subject note book.And also try your hands on past questions to help you, how to answer questions and questions mostly come in Examination.

2.Understand the questions before answering.

When you have a clear idea of what you're being as to do,it's make it easier and faster to answer questions. Note that not all questions there for you remember, some are about you or needs you to think.

3.Be faster.

Writing exams and pass well also depends on time.So be faster to complete all the questions and read over it,if there is a mistake. Please Notes that in examination time is always short.

4.Change your hand writing if it's bad.

To write BECE or WASSCE exams is different from writing to your teacher, because your teacher know your hand written.Please write it clear for anyone who comes across can see it.

5.Avoid Examination malpractice.

At this time, don't think about malpractice. When you wish to do malpractice at examination center and your malpractice materials are seize or high security and searching (Just guest your results ).Please learn and forget about Richmond or Sarah is near me so I will pass. Please anything can happen.

Please follow for more.Good luck.

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