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Basic Car Components and their Functions


View pictures in App save up to 80% data. At present times, everyone uses car for transportation in daily life. But no one tries to understand the basics of cars.What does car mean for common people? It is just made of four wheels holding a metal body.It does not sound so simple.It is made of several components that are essential for everyone to understand which can help them in unwanted situation.


Engine is designated as heart of the car. Like human body cannot work without heart, a car can't run without engine.It is made of blocks,head,pistons and valves. Fuel entered into the engine where it is caused to burnt in presence of air, results in inflation of gases that creates movements in car.


Main function of alternator is to generate power for electrical components of car. It charges the battery of car which in turn provides electricity to run headlights,brake lights and internal electrical work.


The continuous movement of car's components of car can make the engine hot. Radiator works to keep engine and other cars components cool. It is located in the front section of car from where it pumped the air into the car which absorbs excess heat from coolant. The other component that works with radiator to keep car cool are Thermostat,Water pump,Heater and Hoses.


Suspension increases the friction between the tyre and the road which provides stability to steering and allows the car to run in comfort condition.

5.Ignition System

It is made of Spark Plugs, Distributor, Ignition Wires and Coil. It causes combustion in fuel in presence of air which makes the car to run.


It is the part of car which provides the basic frame where all the car parts are screwed and protected.


It helps to run the car in silent mode i.e it reduces the noise produced by car's engine.It is made of series of chamber enclosed in a container made of metal.

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