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Reactions From Night Earth Shake (Tremor) In Accra and It's Surroundings

Phlexnews 06/25/2020

The Earth tremor happened around Wednesday, June 25th around 11pm in the city of Accra and it's surroundings. It happened for the first and followed up with another two strong tremors. I personally felt the vibrations in my room which brought a little bit of fear and panic in me.

I wanted to go out to check what has really happened outside but decided to remain indoors due to the fear that something might happen to me outside. The tremors shook the entire buildings in my area. This is the first time I have felt a strong vibrations of the Earth even though similar ones have happened before.

These tremors has caused massive reactions from the people within Accra. I don't actually know if it also happened in other cities in Ghana.

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I took to Twitter to find out more and to my surprise, people felt it more than I even did. We use to say the popular term during the hot days of COVID-19 that, "by June dierr". I hope this not the answer to that popular saying.

I saw numerous tweets and it got me thinking. The first tweet I came across was from Wendy Shay. She was asking for forgiveness of sins if the world is coming to an end. She promised not to sing any "supuu" songs again. I don't really know the meaning of supuu but I guess she is referring to profane songs.

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Kinaata was asking if we are all safe whiles Stonebwoy said the tremors was a hit. Most of the reactions were like "who else felt the Earth tremor?". By tomorrow the meteorologists in Ghana will definitely give every details about the tremor. Humanity has had enough of the year 2020.

May God keep us all safe.

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Top Comments
SerialGh · 06/26/2020
that's real I think this is the best time for us to turn back to God
GUEST_Ynl71VPWq · 06/25/2020
stop being obtuse nattin happen
GUEST_MVaYQpB4E · 06/25/2020
yhsss oo
GUEST_aogMyWaN4 · 06/25/2020
Hmm dis is serious paa oo we should b careful

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