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Vivian Jill Now Married After She Was Accused Of Dating Her Son

B.O.A. 06/24/2020

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Kumawood actress Vivian Jill Lawrence is now off the market. She is officially married to one Mr Daud.

The beautiful actress who is a mother of two tied the knot in a colorful traditional marriage ceremony.

Per our investigations, the actress got married over the weekend in a private marriage ceremony.

Our latest Mrs in town took to Instagram to announce her marriage and show appreciation to her husband Mr Daud.

Not long ago, the actress was painfully accused of sleeping with her eldest son, Clinton whom she had when she was a teenager by popular man of God Evangelist Addai.

Evangelist Addai who many claim is nit sound in the head claimed that, Vivian and Clinton are sleeping together and that, Clinton is the father of Vivian Jill's second born Alfie.

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This news became the talk of the town for a while after the actress came out and rained curses and insults on the evangelist for tarnishing her hard earned reputation and for dragging her innocent son's name into the mud.

Though many people what the Evangelist was saying made no sense, some of his followers and some 'dumb' Ghanaians believed they indeed Vivian was sleeping with her own son like the so called evangelist was saying.

Now I am sure, the naysayers have been put to shame, since she has finally tied the knot.

Congratulations to her!

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+233-24708**** · 06/25/2020
it's seems u dnt hv any news to publish since morning it's all abt Vivian Jill n her wedding ceremony issues.mr or mrs writer find better news for us OK. .we re tired of people's wedding ceremonies.
GUEST_dVNjmvjNp · 06/25/2020
with god all thins are posible

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