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No PPE's, No Resumption of Schools, JHS Teachers Lament - An Open Letter To the President of Ghana.

SeniorSantene 06/25/2020

Dear Nana Akuffo-Addo,

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I wish to express, my utmost gratitude to you for your proactive efforts aimed at curbing the blazing spread of COVID-19 in the country. May God continue to grant you the enablement to continue with the good leadership style in managing the affairs of the country.

On the substantive matter, Mr. President, I want to place on record that, the Ghanaian JHS teacher is very much prepared to get back to school to prepare our final year students for their final examinations (BECE) in September, 2020. We 've been itching to get back to the classroom despite the looming threat COVID-19 poses.

In your 10th address to the nation, you announced the resumption of schools for only final year students. This is aimed at enabling them to complete their final examinations. You outlined some protocols the schools should ensure to help curb the spread of the virus. The most important part was your announcement to provide PPE's to teachers and students prior to the reopening.

However, Mr. President, you have to fulfil your pledge to provide all final year JHS students and their teachers personal protection equipment on, or before 29th June, 2020. This will ensure the safety of teachers and students in these abnormal and trying times. Until the Personal protection equipment are available for use by the teachers and their students, we are not ready to throw our lives and those of our families into the dustbin. 

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His Excellency, What even prevented the dispatching of the PPEs to the various districts and schools after your announcement almost a month ago? I understand the district assemblies are supposed to assist in this direction. Well, have you been in touch with them to ensure schools take delivery of the PPEs before 29th June, 2020? 

I don't want to believe that this issue of the PPEs will be handled poorly like the unattended lapses in our educational system.

1) No pupils attendance register.... improvise. 

2) Few pupils text books....pair/share 

3)Few dual desks.... Pair/share 

4)No new curriculum materials..... google for information 

5) No teachers' lesson notes book.... Improvise with an exercise book. 

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6)No computers for Practical ICT lessons.... Use mobile phones 

7)No classrooms.... Sit under trees

8)No text books in line with the new curriculum.... Google/buy from the market. 

10) Insufficient staff..... Do multi grade teaching.

...The list is endless. 

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Teachers have always managed to cope with the challenges that confront them. After all, their lives, relatively were not at stake. But in these abnormal and trying times, It will be suicidal on your part, Mr. President, to play lip service with the provision of PPEs to teachers and their final year pupils before 29th June 2020


If anyone in Ghana thinks COVID-19 is a global cozenage, I don't think so, Hence, this letter.

Finally, as concerned and dedicated teachers of the nation, those of us designated to prune the younger generation for a lustrous future wouldn't want to flout your directives for the reopening of schools for the final year students. We equally don't expect you, Mr. President, to fail in the fulfilment of your pledge to make available PPEs to school pupils and their teachers on, or before 29th June, 2020.

I am with unfaltering conviction that, you will lend your precious ears to the calls of THE GHANAIAN JHS TEACHER for the provision of PPEs to teachers and their final year pupils before schools reopen next week. 

Wishing all Ghanaians who are infected with COVID-19 faster recuperation. 

May God see us through this Post Lockdown eleven-week preparatory period before BECE. 


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Top Comments
GUEST_8ygVyYerY · 06/26/2020
thanks for the message
+233-54767**** · 06/27/2020
as at yesterday there wasn't any supply of these PPE's, how do we open schools without these PPE's?
AnimahComfort · 06/27/2020

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