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Stop The New Voters Register: NPP And NDC Health Workers Urge The Electoral Commission

charleselorm 06/24/2020

Health workers who have just formed a union are warning the Electoral Commission to stop the upcoming new voters register exercise.

The health workers who have been trained with the states resources are advising government to step in and advice the chairperson of the electoral body to stop the impending exercise for fear that more health workers will be at risk if the government and the Electoral Commission go ahead with the exercise.

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Dr. Pius Essandoh speaking on behalf of the health workers from both divides casts doubt on the death situation in the country and confirmed their worries about the wholesale re-opening of the country with absolute safety being left in the hands of the individual Ghanaians.

Speaking to a letter they released to the Electoral Commission, the doctor nursed fear about the registration process and said it will be like fuel poured on covid-19 (fire) to escalate.

We all know how fuel poured on naked fire escalates.

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He mentioned that recent cases have seen over 100 health workers infected and more are testing positive each passing week.

Based on the recent New Patriotic Party's primaries organized and the pure disregard for the measures as we all saw, a new voters register will escalate the situation and place more health workers lives at risk.

Dr. Essandoh made it categorically clear that they are from both divides that is their membership consists of both National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party and therefore not speaking for any side but for the health of Ghanaians and the health workers.

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If the alligator comes out of the water to tell you that the crocodile is sick, do you doubt it not?

In the same vain, if a frog comes out of the water and tells you the crocodile is dead, do not doubt it.

Fellow Ghanaians whose report shall we believe?

One thing is categorically clear, even the ministers and top officials who put measures in place to curtail the virus are testing positive.

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We therefore need to take much more care of ourselves and stay covid free at all times by adhering to the physical social distancing of one meter, washing of hands, applications of sanitizers and wearing of face masks.

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ObengDaniel_06 · 06/25/2020
From opposition to threats to press conferences to demos to social media to foolish vows to the Supreme Court and now to craftl
ObengDaniel_06 · 06/25/2020
Dr Asandoh, playing the hypocrite at this crucial time makes all your professional credentials tainted and bogus
GUEST_Azp3bKWkw · 06/24/2020
let them do their job master

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