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Rapture Scare: Residents Of Accra Left Terrified By Earth Tremor

Steve101 06/24/2020

In the late hours of Wednesday, 24th June 2020, something very unusual happened in Ghana, specifically in parts of Accra and the surrounding areas. It is reported that the earth literally shook for about three times. It was not a full grown earthquake as people are choosing to call it an earth tremor.

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With the occurrence of this so unfamiliar phenomenon, residents of Accra and other people who felt the tremor were left in shock. It came without notice and it was very unexpected.

People have been shaken to their boots. As is natural of some Ghanaians, such 'unnatural' phenomenon can only be explained by one thing; religion, be it superstitions or whatever.

There are signs of the end times listed in the Bible and other holy books. They speak of unexpected occurrences like earthquakes,and several other natural disasters.

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The unexpectedness and the coincidental allusion of scripture about the end times has thrown people into massive shock. As some are lamenting about their state of life and unreadiness for rapture. Some have one question on their mind: is it the sign of the end time?

See a few reactions below:

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Typical, right?

Well, I stand not to criticize anyone's feelings and thoughts. But rapture? We're being a bit fearful, don't you think so?

Anyway, pardon me. After all, I didn't feel it myself.

What is your own assessment of the tremor?

(Note that the image of the earthquake used does not relate to the event that happened on 24th June, it is just for illustrative purpose)

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
IsaacDonkor_15 · 06/25/2020
oh Lord have mercy on Ghana 👏👏👏👏👏
GUEST_Op3Q8bo5Z · 06/25/2020
We must know the generation we find ourselves in and be wise. For the day and hour no man knows not even Jesus. Always anticipate the rapture. LET'S KEEP OUR WAYS RIGHT WITH GOD ALL THE TIME. You can even die before the rapture so let's live right. WE ARE IN THE END DAYS! Seek Jesus if you have not.
ArtboyBurner+233-0275215**** · 06/25/2020
Masa! 4get dat rupture staffs. Y, u b superman way u wan fly go heaven? Oya mek u na dey go. We dey come.
QwekhuKito · 06/25/2020
God will bless us

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