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Breaking: Ex-girlfriend slaps New girlfriend to coma at Sefwi Bekwai

Cocoabrownnews.com 06/25/2020

Relationship can be headache sometimes, when your partner ends it and go for your best friend or anybody you know. Such thing is like a bad omen. No one wants such experience in his or life. In this report, a ex-girlfriend slapped her new girlfriend to coma with slaps and beatings.

This is how the whole incident transpired, Maame Efua is the ex of Kwame owusu, they dated for almost 3years without marriage and during these times, maame efua visits him with her best friend Gloria Asamoah. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Not knowing her Gloria friend has been secretly making love with her boyfriend Kwame owusu behind her back. She claims, Gloria is a disgrace to all women and friends.

She added, Gloria talk negative about me, spoiled me to my boyfriend for him to leave me for her. My boyfriend broke up with me all because of her. So I target her and slap her with a heavy flat wood and continued slapping her with my palm until she landed on the floor. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The sefwi bekwai police has Maame Efua in their custody now.

Source: opera.com
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Topnotchnews · 06/25/2020
Am shock mpo
Topnotchnews · 06/25/2020
Can't she move on and find another boyfriend?
Topnotchnews · 06/25/2020
Girls koaraa, why
Topnotchnews · 06/25/2020
Eeii asem oo

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