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Teacher Trainees(L300): Simple Questions That Should Not Escape You On 2nd July- Trends

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From 269-272 supply the former names of the following Christian Missionary Societies

269. Evangelical Presbyterian Church ...

270. The Methodist church of Ghana ..

271. Anglican church of Ghana .....

272. The Presbyterian church of Ghana ....

From 273-276 indicate whether the statement is True or False 

273. Six year primary education was not a prescription in the Accelerated Development Plan 

     of 1951.          a) True b) False

274. Every teacher in the second cycle schools in Ghana is a member of the NAGRAT.

a) True b) False

275. The staff common room is not part of the human resource in the school to be organized

    to achieve educational objectives.          a) True b) False

276. The school plant is the physical facility that includes the buildings, grounds and 

     equipment.           a) True b) False

277. Mr. Boama Hubert, the headmaster of Sege D/A basic school was instructed to 

     prepare a timetable for his school. What administrative task would you call this?

a) Budgeting    b) Co-ordinating    c) Directing d) Planning

278. Under which of the following management functions will you place delegation of  

     duties? a) Directing b) Organising c) Planning d) Staffing

279. Ms. Agbemava Akuvi the headteacher remarked that she has delegated duty to the new 

      teacher. In management, what has the headteacher asked the teacher to do?

a) Handle a class whose teacher has travelled

b) Lead members of staff as delegates to a conference

c) Receive delegations from the local authority

d) Take certain decisions on his behalf

280. Ms. Cofie Fenela was rewarded for always recognizing the right thing to do and 

      going ahead to do it at the right time using socially approved and acceptable 

      methods.  Which one of the following words best describes Ms. Cofies action?

a) Alertness b) Discipline  c) Orderliness        d) Obedience

281. In Kungmor basic school, Mr. Donkor Philip the headteacher is far younger 

    than all the teachers on the staff yet the teachers obey him. What type of authority has

     the head?    a) Charismatic authority      b) Legal-rational authority

           c) Professional authority      d) Traditional authority 

282. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a democratic leader? Concern for 

a) goals of the school      b) peculiar needs of the school

c) decentralized decision making  d) shared leadership

283. What type of climate is in a school where teachers are not happy but co-operate with

     the head? a) Closed climate b) Controlled climate

  c) Familiar climate     d) Paternal climate

284. During a seminar on leadership styles for basic school heads, the circuit officer 

    implored school heads not to practise a leadership style that does not promote staff 

    initiative and creativity. Which particular leadership did the officer have in mind?

    a) Autocratic style   b) Democratic style  c) Laissez fair style  d) Transactional style

285. Which one of the following contributes to the breakdown of discipline in schools?

a) Compiling names of pupils in the school b) Filling cumulative records

c) Lack of proper communication between headmaster, staff and pupils

d) Punctuality and regularity of both teachers and pupils

286. When the District Director of Education visit a school, in which of the school records 

      will he/she write the purpose of his visit?   a) Admission register

b) Log book    c) Staff attendance register d) Visitors book

287. A workshop was organized for school heads on how to prepare school estimates,

    answer audit queries and control expenditure in school. Which one of the following 

    functions of the head was taken care of by the workshop?

a) Disburse of funds b) Financial management

c) Pupils personnel management  d) School community relations

288. Which of the following did the 1987 Educational Reform fail to achieve?

a) Reduction in the duration of pre-university education

b) Improvement in the supply of education inputs

c) Community involvement in school management

d) Absorption of all the JSS graduates into existing senior secondary schools

289. Which castle school did Jacobus Capitein a prominent Gold Coast Scholar attend?

a) Anomabu Castle School b) Cape Coast Castle School

c) Christiansborg Castle School, Osu c) Elmina Castle School

290. The Junior Secondary School concept was introduced into Ghana by which education 

     committee report? a) Odoi Committee report  b) Kwapong Committee report

c) Erzuah Committee report d) Dzobo Committee report

291. Which of the following was one of the major proposals of the Accelerated 

     Development Plan of 1951?

a) Appointment of school inspectors

b) A six year basic primary course at public expense

c) Establishment of a university   d) Provision of buses for schools

292. When was the first non-denominational teacher training college established in Ghana?

  a) 1848   b) 1876  c) 1909   d) 1924

293. Which one of the following educational reforms abolished Payment by Results in the

    Gold Coast Ghana? The Educational ..  a) Act of 1961

        b) Ordinance of 1887 c) Reform of Governor Guggisberg 

       d) Reform of Governor Rodger

294. Which of the following pupils from a castle school in the Gold Coast was the first to be 

     sent to Europe for further studies by the Dutch?

a) Anthony Amo b) Christien Protten c) Jacobus Capitein d) Philip Quaque

295. Which educational reform in Ghana empowered the Minister of Education to cause the 

     arrest of a parent who failed to send the ward to school? The

a) Accelerated Development Plan, 1951 b) Educational Act of 1961

c) Educational Reform of 1987 d) fCUBE of 1995

296. At a staff meeting in Ada College of Education Demonstration school, teachers 

    complained that because Mr. Klokpa John, the headmaster, is older than each of 

    them he tends to regard them as his children and for that matter runs the school on his 

    own ideas. Which type of climate of climate does the above statement describe?

a) Closed climate b) Controlled climate c) Open climate  d) Paternal climate

 297. Which one of the following is a characteristic feature of traditional African education? 

     It a) has only one purpose in mind b) is confined to politics and medicine

     c) is largely informal and non-specialised d) mainly focused on character training

298. Which one of the following was a notable effect of the castle schools in the Gold 

     Coast? They        a) changed the perception of Europeans about the Africans

b) enabled the Africans to have confidence in themselves

c) introduced the natives to the institutional structures of the Europeans

d) provided an avenue for trade with the Europeans

299. Which of the problems did the fCUBE initiative in the mid 1990s supposed to tackle? 

     They . a) appropriate use of donor money in education

b) issue of unemployed school leavers c) management of schools

d) resources allocated by government to education

300. Authority usually shows a kind of strain relationship between two individuals.

a) True b) False

301. What is the term used for syllabuses and teaching/learning aids in school management?

a) Instructional resources b) Material resources   c) Operational resources

d) Teaching and learning resources

302. In which town in the Gold Coast was the first co-educational secondary school 

     established?   a) Accra  b) Akropong    c) Cape Coast   d) Elmina

303. Which of the following describes planning in administration? The process of 

a) budgeting and evaluation       b) deciding what to do far in advance

c) working out things that need to be done and methods to achieve it

304. Which of the following missionary groups was not for the spread of the Catholic faith

     and education in the Northern and Upper regions of Ghana?

a) The Augustinian Friars b) The Fathers of African mission

c) Our Lady of Apostles d) The White Fathers 

For questions 305 to 309 indicate whether the statement is True or False in spaces provided

305. The sixteen principles of Guggisberg provided for the teaching and learning of local 

      languages ..

306. The Prince of Wales College is now Achimota Secondary School 

307. After duties have been assigned, the appropriate authority needed for their achievement

     should be kept secret .

308. One of the principles of timetabling is that all subjects should be fully catered for .

309. Basic education in Ghana is  now 11 years ..

310. Guggisbergs Educational Reform provided for female education.  a) True b) False

311. Free compulsory education in Ghana was started in 1987 Educational Reforms.

a) True b) False

312. In which of the following education reforms did the fCUBE serve as an intervention?

     The .                   

     a) Accelerated Development Plan of 1951 b) Dzobo Reform of 1974

     c) Education Act of 1961                       d) Education Reform of 1987

313. Which type of school climate creates an atmosphere where every teacher tends to 

     satisfy his/her needs at the expense of institutional objectives?

a) Paternal    b) Familiar  c) Close   d) Autonomous 

314. Why is Traditional African Education describes as holistic? Because it .

a) improves the creative skills of the young b) makes the young part of the society

c) reduces superstition among the people d) trains people of the ruling class

315. A major setback to the Christian missionary activities in the Gold Coast was 

a) Bible reading              b) caring for their African children

c) hostility from the local people  d) the silent trade

316. Which of the following could be given as the reason for the passage of the educational 

     act of 1961?

a) Every about the Accelerated Development Plan preceding it was bad

b) The education sector expanded more than the economy

c) There was the need for the educational programme to be reviewed after ten years

d) To send education to the door steps of all children of school going age

317. Which education reform introduced the continuous assessment policy as a means of 

     assessing learners at the basic and second cycle schools in Ghana? The .

a) Accelerated Development Plan of 1951 b) Education Act of 1961

c) Education Reform of 1987 d) Kuffour Reform of 2007

318. What management function is being performed when the head of basic school instructs

     his staff and pupils what to do to achieve institutional objectives?

a) Budgeting       b) Co-ordination      c) Directing      d) Reporting

319. Which of the following is a registered rival union of the Ghana National Association of 

    Teachers (GNAT)? a) National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT)

b) National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG)

c) National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS)    d) Trade Union Congress (TUC)

320. Which of the following Colleges of Education was established by the Methodist 

     church? a) Abetifi College of Education

      b) Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong

      c) E.P. College of Education, Amedzofe d) Wesley College, Kumasi

321. When pupils obey rules because they feel the rules are worthwhile in directing them  

    towards the achievement of institutional goals we say discipline is ..

a) externally imposed   b) next to punishment  c) reforming pupils d) self imposed

322. The process of planning and formulation of educational policies or programmes to 

    achieve educational goals is known as . a) administration

b) educational administration     c) educational management d) management

323. Which of the following was not a reason for abolishing the system of payment by

     result? It .. a) created enmity between teachers and school inspectors

b) encouraged school heads to introduced more subjects

c) promote rote learning    d) was no longer used in Britain

324. Under which colonial governor was Register of Teachers introduced?

a) Governor Allan Burns b) Governor Arden Clark

c) Governor Guggisburg d) Governor Rodgers

325. The circuit officer invited all school heads to bring their school records for inspection.

     Which of the following would not be among the records being demanded?

a) Inventory book b) Ledger c) Minutes book d) Transaction book

326. In which education reform was compulsory education introduced in Ghana? The 

a) Accelerated Development Plan of 1951   b) Dzobo Committee Reform of 1975

      c) Education Act of 1961                 d) Education Reform of 1987

327. Appraisal is one of the administrative tasks of heads of basic schools in Ghana. 

    A means of appraising the staff is by providing 

a) materials and equipment for teaching and learning

b) opportunities for professional growth

c) orientation service for the staff    d) staff attendance register

328. Which of the following committees/commissions recommended the decentralization of 

     management of second cycle schools from the Ministry of Education to the regional 

     and district authorities? The

a) Anamuah Education Review Committee b) Dzobo Committee 

c) Kwapong Education Review Committee     d) Mills-Odoi Commission

329. Which education reform introduced District Education Oversight Committees (DEOC) 

     in management of pre-tertiary education in the districts in Ghana? The . 

a) a) Accelerated Development Plan of 1951 b) Education Act of 1961

c) Education Reform of 1987 d) Kuffour Reform of 2007

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34. Which one of the following missions was among the first to start educational activities 

     in the Gold Coast? a) The Scottish mission b) The West African mission

c) The Society for the propagation of the gospel c) Toridzonian society

335. The acronym POSDCoRB was coined by  a) Adesina            b) Gulick and Urwich       c) Nwankwo    d) Trewarth and Newport

336. Which of the following school climates would help teachers to satisfy their personal 

     needs at the expense of the tasks of the school?

a) Closed   b) Controlled c) Familiar     d) Paternal 

337. The principal aim of Traditional African Education before the advent of the school 

     education was to a) improve the creative skills of the youth

b) make the young part of the society    c) reduce superstition among the people

d) train the people of the ruling class

338. Which of the following school climates allows both headteachers and staff members to 

     go about their duties freely with happiness? a) Autonomous climate

b) Controlled climate c) Open climate d) Paternal climate

339. The 1961 Education Act stated the following except (a) A teachers council was to 

     be set up (b) Freedom of private groups and individuals to open schools (c) Institution of terms and conditions of service for teachers 

      (d) Establishment of Boards of Governors for all government secondary schools

340. A teacher who is knowledgeable and has command over his subject-matter is likely to 

     use . a) coercive power b) expert power

c) legitimate power d) referent power

341. The colonial school at Cape Coast which originated from the Cape Coast Castle 

     School could be traced to the contributions to education by .

a) Anthony William Amo b) Philip Quaque c) Rev. Thomas Thompson

d) Thomas Coboro

342. Which of the following introduced the Teachers Certificate B?

a) 1961 Education Act            b) Accelerated Development Plan

c) Continuation Education Strategy d) Coussey Committee on Education

343. Which type of school education focused on reading. writing and arithmetic (3Rs) and

     later religious instructions? a) Castle School   b) Public education

c) Christian Missionary Education d) Islamic Education

344. Which Education reform introduced for the first time in Ghana the Free Textbook 

     scheme? a) 1951 Accelerated Development Plan b) 1961 Education

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