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Ghana To Expect More Covid–19 Cases

lucascyrus 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The deadly coronavirus pandemic has left many Ghanaians and people all over the world worried, due to massive records of new cases and death cases daily. It has since been the prayer of many, that the spread of the disease comes under control, and should soon be a history of the past.

But unfortunately, while some countries are having great improvement in curbing the spread, Ghanaians should expect some more confirmed cases for the following reasons.

1. The contact traces are still going on and more infected persons would be found.

2. Most Ghanaians are not willing to wear the face mask.

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As part of the preventive measures, wearing of face mask will help curb the spread and level of infections by the virus. But some citizens are not willing to wear them, even after the president's new law, that, it is a crime not to wear nose mask, and anyone found guilty would be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. They raised their displeasure of using the nose mask, saying they feel uncomfortable wearing it.

3. Some citizens still believe the virus is a myth. Many people in the country still believe that the cases being presented to the nation are all false. They argue, saying if the disease was real, they would have had some of their relatives and neighbors infected. They therefore accuse the government of not being truthful to them, and all these stories about covid-19, are mere plans of the ruling party to win the upcoming presidential election. They are therefore not observing any of the protocols. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

4. Most people ignore the rules of social distancing. A lot of people still gather in market places and some other places without observing the protocols of social distancing. More contacts are being made with infected persons, and setting the spread out of control. This is the main reason for which new cases are being recorded daily.

5. A lot of people still travel with the disease to other parts of the country.

6. The use of hand sanitizers are being overlooked, since the prices have gone higher than usual. A lot of citizens can not afford them.

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7. We do not disinfect surfaces we touch.

8. Many who have symptoms of the disease are afraid to report, due to the stigma they are likely to face in their community hence, remain untreated and keep on infecting others.

9. The reopening of schools is also a great threat, as learners are sure to have so much contacts with friends from different parts of the country.

10. Ghanaians still hold to the tradition of shaking hands, therefore encouraging the spread of the disease.

Stay safe

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