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How Stonebwoy's Press Release About KelvynBoy May be Flawed And What It Means For Him

GGabla 06/25/2020

 Kelvin Brown, an Afro-pop musician who hails from the Central region has been the centre of a controversy once again. The talented artist popularly known as Kelvynboy is alleged to have been attacked in Ashaiman on the 22nd of June 2020 by a former employee of Stonebwoy.

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As usual, Kelvynboy felt the need to once again throw a tantrum on social media, accusing his former boss as everyone understands. Mind you, he hasn't come up directly by mentioning his name but, as is his usual routine and to where his fingers are pointing, we know he must be referring to Stonebwoy.

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Livingstone Etse Satekla known to be Stonebwoy is an Afro-pop, dancehall and reggae singer who hails from the Volta region but also has deep roots in Ashaiman which he is never shy to state. A successful artist and one that had been once mentored by Samini also took Kelvynboy under his wings a few years ago. Things had been successful with hit songs from kelvynboy featuring his mentor Stonebwoy like "Na You" and "Dede".

Kelvin Brown who was signed on the Burniton Music Group owned by Stonebwoy suddenly upped and left the label in 2019 with nobody knowing what may have caused this. But if anything, he made sure everyone knew his displeasure and newfound hatred against his boss.

The usual beef is what fans were used to but, it never really got physical until June 22nd when Kelvynboy took to Twitter to accuse his former boss of sending thugs to beat him up without necessarily mentioning his name. Allegedly, it is known that the attacker happens to be a former employee of Stonebwoy.

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As expected, the BET award-winning artist has replied in his Press Release debunking the accusations. The artist and his company deny ever having the said thugs in their employ. Taking further, they are willing to take legal actions against Kelvin Brown if he soils the name of Burniton group any longer.

As some may put it that, it was a good decision by Stonebwoy to get ahead of the issue even before Kelvynboy had officially mentioned his name, some of us beg to differ. It is said that "I throw me corn, me no call no fowl" or better still, kelvynboy just wanted whoever the cap fit to wear it. And it seems Stonebwoy may have worn it because the cap fitted him.

His Press Release is seen to be flawed because he has denied accusations and intends to take legal action against someone who didn't even mention his name. Yes, kelvynboy may have been referring to him but, he never mentioned his name.

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And yes, Stonebwoy may have had enough of Kelvynboy's ingratitude and disrespect but, his Press Release may have been flawed in all aspects considering no name has been mentioned.

 Kwaw Kese stated that Ashaiman boys don't tweet, they beat. A comment a lot found hilarious but in a sense true knowing Ashaiman's loyalty for Stonebwoy. The comment for a fact, states his stand to be a full supporter of Stonebwoy in this beef.

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However, Samini has humbly asked Stonebwoy and Kelvynboy to kindly settle their indifferences off social media. As he is a person who Stonebwoy adores and respects, we hope he would take the advice and call the younger individual ( kelvynboy) privately to iron out their issues.

Hopefully, if it is done, fans may get the blessing of hearing both talents on the same rhythm once again.

Source: opera.com
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