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"I will never bet again".The emotional story of a teacher who used 4 years salary for sports betting

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Football is undoubtedly the biggest sports in the world because of huge investments countries and team owners have injected into the sport. The love for football matches across the globe is always increasing for obvious reasons. Football is believed to have employed billions of people across the world in diverse ways. Talking of investment and love for the sport, is that what we see in the Ghanaian Premier League? Drop your comments on this issue.

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Football is back after some months of no action due to the global pandemic. This is the time for the over thousands bookmakers and betting companies to get to business. With almost all the European leagues resuming,there are a lot of options for bet lovers to choose from.

Today we had an exclusive interview with Teacher Kojo ( not his real name ), who has narrated his sad story of how sport betting has virtually left him with nothing after working four solid years as a professionally trained teacher. The conversation is as follows.

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1. How did you get into betting?

" I was recruited into teaching in 2015 to a place I will not mention for security reasons, I had my salary the following year and as a young teacher without any financial tuition a friend introduced me to the act. He encourage me to always place my bet without losing hope and I will be a millionaire one day. He told me it is an up and down game. They win you today, tomorrow you win.

2. How many times do you often bet in a month?

" hmm, do I even know. So far as I have money with me, I bet. I bet always, I don't have specific days for betting. If I have money I bet.

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3. What is the highest amount you have ever won?

"my highest winning was Ghs 3,452.85 but please what I lost before winning that amount was more higher than the said amount. Sometimes you lose a lot and then you get some peanut win and you take it like that. All that money went back to them again.

4. You don't win,what then motivates you to keep betting?

"I will say fear, fear in the sense that if I don't bet maybe my teams may be winning. Also "stupid motivation" I call it stupid motivation because you will sometimes hear somebody has won huge, but I failed to ask my self how often does that happen. "

5. Do you remember one specific cash you used to bet that has always be in your mind?

"Ooh a lot but there was one incident I went for a loan to purchase a land. An amount of Ghs 5,000 and three days after the bank release the money a certain betting company took it from me. Please not at gun point but my quest to add more.

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6. How did you stop betting?

"It was funny. You know am a professional teacher right, there was this month I took my salary of Ghs 1,000+ after loan deductions. Within a couple of minutes it's all gone. The following month I bought a new sim and registered for mobile money. I will then write down the teams I want to bet on and the amount. I will then send the stake amount to the said Sim. I did that for two consecutive months. To my surprise even though I have some winnings I would have lost everything at the end.I continued this several months and its working so no turning back. Now I have gotten enough money as savings.

7. Any advice to the millions facing this challenge?

"Woooow me advice, hmm please is better you advise your self oooo. The thing no work give me so I advised myself so you for advice you self. Thanks

Thank you too for reading, what is your take please your comments are important. Take some time to comment

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