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Problems in choosing the right partner

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Choose a partner can be very difficult. Sometimes we find the right people at the wrong time other times we face problems later in the relationships and wonder why. In this article are 4 problems one faces in choosing the right partner.

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1. Not being the right person

We tend to want specific types of people but sometimes we do not make ourselves the type of people they will like. In order to attract quality one also has to be quality.

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2. Looking for the wrong person

Sometimes we look for the wrong attributes when looking for a partner. We look for shallow things that are likely to disappear with time. It is advisable to set realistic standards 

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3. Incompatiblity

Incompatibility can be in the form of age, education, religion and values. When looking for the right partner it is advisable to look for someone with which you have certain similar characteristics with if not this can generate future problems.

4. Having wrong motives.

Examples of such motives include: personal needs such as sex and finances, crisis pregnancy, managing a break up and to escape parents. Having a child with someone does not mean you should be with the person, if the person is toxic let them go.

5. Parental disapproval

Certain times our folks disapprove of certain individuals we decide to settle with. Sometimes their reasons are not acceptable to us. This may create enmity between us and them

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