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Barbaric : Alleged Witch Begs Fetish Priestess To Kill Her For Sacrifice At Goaso On Camera.

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An unidentified woman believed to be a fetish priest has been sighted abusing a fellow woman in a viral video. Shared on social media particularly on Facebook ,The fetish priestess was seen initially dragging the woman on the floor, slapped her severally in the face,stepped her feet on her and finally picked a knife to tear off all her clothes. Rendering her almost naked.

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She then gave her a haircut and insulted her while others looked on and took pictures and videos. The fetish priestess was seen in the video accusing the victim of practising witchcraft against their family. And that she planned killing the fetish priestess only son but was struck down by the spirits of her gods.

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The victim was also seen accepting the blame in the video, mentioning names of people she has killed and begged for forgiveness. She asked the fetish priestess to help her, beat her and get the evil spirit View pictures in App save up to 80% data. out of her. She even asked her to slaughter her for her gods if she wish because she has committed enough sins.

Many people have shared the video and caused the arrest of both the priestess and her victim for Hunan rights abuse and the victim pronouncing of killing people.

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Top Comments
KwameLarbi · 06/26/2020
very bad
EvansAmponsah_06 · 06/26/2020
very bad
Cheddy · 06/26/2020
In this time, 21century. And people are also allowing this hhmmmm
GabrielOppong_04 · 06/26/2020
Ghana must now give a court for spiritual crimes if some of us want to be clean without Mr. devil's influence. Over 79% crimes in the world are from those who know how to call forth the passions of these victims to do good or evil. If we get close we may discover that most so-called criminals are spiritually innocent.

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