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Just In: More 'Fire' In Town As Doctors Warn EC To Scrap Voters' Registration Exercise

Kantankaemmanuel 06/24/2020

A group of health practitioners has written to the Chair of the Electoral Commission to advise on the impending voters' registration exercise. Over 100 health practitioners including medical doctors, nurses, laboratory professionals and other allied health personnel have cautioned the Electoral Commission about the implications of the intended mass voter registration exercise to be held. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

These doctors have released a statement to the Electoral Commissioner and her team to reconsider their decision on the impending voters registration exercise as it could pose more danger on the lives of Ghanaians.

In an open letter to Madam Jean Mensa, the Chair of the EC, these health professionals advised that the impending exercise could lead the country into state of disorder, pain and trauma as more people will be exposed to the virus. They indicated that, these mass gatherings will only serve as channel for the spread of this deadly virus.

In a letter signed by the health practitioners, they strongly encouraged the Jean Mensa and her office to consider a process that will minimize mass gathering and promote the principles of social distancing as well as the protocols established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A part of the letter reads, "Our intent for writing this letter is not to contest your legal mandate to compile a voters’ register, but to share with your team the potential health dangers this proposed exercise may foist on the nation especially considering the recent wave of COVID-19 infections and deaths that continue to stretch the capacities of health care facilities; we are steadily reaching breaking point.

“As healthcare providers, we are confronted on a daily basis with increasing counts of infected patients including the critically-ill, increasing number of deaths that show no signs of abating anytime soon and a general feeling of exasperation among the populace all against a background of our pre-existing mandate to provide care to all Ghanaians, whether infected with COVID-19 or not.

“We have never expected our work as health professionals to be easy, but neither do we expect it to be suicidal. We wish to advise that caution is exercised in undertaking any activity that has the potential to accelerate the spread of COVID-19.”

The health practitioners believe that the impending registration exercise falls in this category and has the potential of endangering the health and wellbeing of the population leading to unwanted pain and possibly deaths as the past few days have shown.

The health practitioners advised that we must all work together to ensure that all lives in Ghana are protected against the virus.

Ghana's situation worsens each day and now more government officials are being chased by the virus. Recently, news circulating is that, the CEO of Korle Bu Hospital and the Minsiter of Education, Dr. NAPO have all being admitted. Currently, 25 doctors in Ashanti Region are infected by COVID-19 according to reports by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and over 100 nurses are infected in the same region. This situation closely mirrors what is going on in other regions.

The Doctors advocated that if the current register had successfully been used to conduct other polls then it wouldn't be bad to be used this year for the elections.

The latter part of the release indicated "In our view, given that the existing biometric register has been used successfully to conduct significant number of elections including two presidential and parliamentary elections, two District Assembly elections since 2012 and a referendum by your outfit in 2018 to create six new regions, we find it plausible that same register will suffice for our impending elections."

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Top Comments
KwameJonathan · 06/24/2020
ewe/togolese doctors and foreigners, kwasuafuo, stop fooling...
+233-20811**** · 06/24/2020
At first we had NDC think tanks. Then NDC lecturers. Then NDC chiefs. And now NDC doctors. So next will be NDC mortuary men. Are you contesting or not.
HuseiniUshan_01 · 06/24/2020
Npp the most vissionless party ever in the history of GHANA,NANA Addo the inept one shamelessly putting pedestal of chaos,We r waiting patiently to hear from the law lords to come to our rescue.
Yaweh · 06/24/2020
its very true what the health workers are saying, my wife is one and it's really serious. the truth is that the case has gotten out of hands but they are shielding the real truth from ghanaians. my brother this is not ewe/togolies whatever issue. doctors and nurses in the ashanti region are catching the virus. stop the tribal thing and for ones be a ghanaian. enough of the tribalism and hatred for our own selves.

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