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Video: Plot to implicate Bishop Obinim expose - Junior pastor announces

zeckon52 06/24/2020

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The International God's Way Church have uncovered a plot by some unidentified group of people to implicate the Founder and Leader of the Church, Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim. A Junior Pastor of Obinim took to facebok to announce a tip off they received from a person believed to be an 'insider' to this machination.

According to the Junior Pastor, some 'Men of God' are among those masterminding this plot. He disclosed that their intelligence reveals that the group have secured a court warrant to search of Bishop Obinim's properties. He alleged that, the intent of the search is to enable them plant something illegal; "human parts, narcotics or something evil"

"It isn't just a search they want to do. It has some diabolic idea behind. They intend planting something in any of his properties. It could be narcotic, human bone or anything...something that could implicate him. That is what they want to do.

"This is a tip off that some people have secured a court warrant to search the premises of any of his properties. And its some pastors who are behind this. So if this happens they will come and plant those items there. We all know that there some matters at the court that he's battling with, and they want to beef up their evidence. So be informed that we know of what you are plotting" he narrated in a video posted on their official Facebook wall.

Watch the video below

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Top Comments
+233-054301**** · 06/24/2020
God is in control
GUEST_0yL1XwpQN · 06/27/2020
God will judge me, don't worry God will see u true
WahabIbrahim_04 · 06/25/2020
they are trying to play with the minds of people!! in case they are seen with anything of such then they would say it was planted by an outsider!! God is in control!!!
SamuelYawFrimpong_01 · 06/25/2020
Jesus is Lord

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