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If You Mistakenly Send Me A Message Or Compliment Me,I Would Expose You- Princess Shyngle

ComTett 06/24/2020

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Ghanaian actress, Princess Shyngle has taken to social media to issue a stern warning to all married men who may try to get into contact with her in whatever form.

According to her, if any married man makes the mistake of sliding into her DM with any statement, he would expose that person.

She has threatened to screenshot whatever message it is and sent it to the wife of that person.

Sincerely no one has an idea why is issuing this threat but the moment she is able to expose just one married man, others would sit up.

She may be issuing this threat because several married men may have been sending her messages of all sorts.

According to Princes Shyngle, even if any married man compliments, she would screenshot the compliment and forward it to the wife of that person.

Perhaps, she doesn't want to get involved with any married man whatsoever.

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Source: opera.com
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