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Could This Be Love? Young Ghanaian Man Marries A White Old Woman Old Enough To Be His Mother

DVincent 06/25/2020

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An unidentified Ghanaian male in his late 20's tied the knot with an older women at Labadi Beach.

The question everyone is asking is, if this is indeed love or this man is seeking to secure his green card.

Could this be love? Its a question only this young man may only have the answers to.

This will not be the first time a younger man has married an older white woman.

This practice is even older than some of us.

Whether this young Ghanaian has any ulterior motives, this is another question for another day.

The lady in question is old enough to be his grandmother.

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What could drive a young man into such a life contract?

He is seen elated and all smiley in the photos circulating on social media.

We wish him well and hope that this isn't a case of green card security or intended extortion.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
RasKinKi_01 · 06/27/2020
The is now in extra time. The impossible happens each passing day
DVincent · 06/26/2020
Green card and money. Lol
NanaAmaKyeremeh · 06/25/2020
+3460310**** · 06/25/2020
My brother need money ooh not love masa.

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