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Covid -19 Pandemic: Quack Doctors Exposed by Anas (watch video)

flutymusicentertainmentnews 06/29/2020

Covid -19 Pandemic: Quack Doctors Exposed

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Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has exposed some fraudulent healers who claim to have got a cure for the Novel Corona virus in his recent expose' titled 'Corona Quack'.

According to the secret filming, Mr Abdullah ,the owner of Abdullah herbal Covid-19 cure sorted to a Radio station advertising the fake concoction as a 99.9℅ cure for the virus and was self confident with  how effective the cure is, and how hospitalized patients of Covid -19 leave health centers for the medicine.

 A Nigerian prophetess,Oluwaniyi revealed of being the originator of corona virus cure and a Bishop,Sam Zuga ignorantly rebuking Covid-19 from a congregant believing it will fall and die. 

The journalist after visiting the quack Doctors realized the medicine was fake and  being used for their own personal gains.This got the FDA involved for their arrest.

watch video in the link below.


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