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JUST IN : Apostle Blay Biney confesses to using Black magic on Net 2 tv

HotNewsgh 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Net 2 television is known to investigating the works of pastors as well as devious means. Today on Net 2 tv, the apostle called Apostle Blay also known as Obotan was invited to Net 2 television where he confessed to stealing, using black magic and weed smoking.

The apostle is known to be a believer of the word of Christ but said in his interview that he had done certain evil things that no one would have thought he could. He said, he never met his father and this made life really difficult.

He said, "he slept with his girlfriend's sister and did a lot of awful and unthinkable things. Though the man of God is preaching the word of God currently, he was not ashamed to tell the public about how he used magic to chant money and do tricks that were all used to deceive innocent people. This information was exclusive to Obotan as he went on further to talk about his ability to vanish during attacks or signs of police arrest.

The man of God said, he slept one night only to hear the voice of the Lord whisper to him saying, read Ephesians chapter 5. He said he finally heed to the voice speaking to him and as he opened the word of God, he read a part saying, avoid drinking alcohol. And this event since has been the turning point in his life.

Source: opera.com
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