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5 businesses you can start as a university student with small or no capital.

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Many atimes ,college or university students think that it is impossible to start any business whikes in school but it is wrong.You can actually start some small business on campus or out of campus which will earn you some good amount of money to support yourself whiles in school.

It is not everyday that you must depend on your parents for almost everything you need ,you can start something to help yourself to reduce the financial burden on your parents.

Here I some 5 things college or university students do to support themselves whiles in school:

1 . Starting a blog: One of the things you can do as a student is to start you own blog. You can write about things that you love ,then you post for other people to read . This can earn you some cool cash , depending on how well you do it.You use Wordpress to create you own blog.

2 . Sell some books on campus: Another thing you can do is to sell some manuals on campus and sell to your colleagues in school. Some feel lazy going out of campus to print out handout , so you can take advantage by printing and selling it to them . This too can help you earn some cool cash.

3 . Selling of clothes , shoes and bags: This is very common among the colleges students of late. They go to the market by some of these thing in bulk come back to the campus and sell to their colleagues. These can also help you in gaining some cool cash.

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4 . Home tutoring:This is also another way of earning some money. You can do some special tutorials for your friends who might be facing some difficulties with a particular course. Some may want you to do it for free but let them understand that you are using your energy and time so it can’t be for free..

5 . Making breakfast and lunch: This might sound a little bit tedious buh it is not impossible.Some people travel all the way to school without eating , it can be due to lateness or something which prevented them from eating before coming to school. So as a student you can advantage of this by making some beverages and sandwiches to sell to theses people.This tool can help you make some cool cash.

Always know that it takes determination to succeed , is not all about intelligence , skills too pays. Do it ,if you can.

I hope you find it worth reading

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