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Examinable Mathematics Essay (Paper 2) questions for 2020 BECE Candidate

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ESSAY (Paper 2)

Answer four questions only from this section All working must be clearly shown.

The use of calculators is not allowed

Marks will not be awarded for correct answers without corresponding working. All questions carry equal marks

Before we start kindly tap on the follow button which can be in the top right corner for more examinable questions.

1.               (a)  (i)     Factorize completely the expression 2xy – 8x + 3y – 12

                             (ii)      Evaluate the expression in (i) if x = 5 and y = 7 

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2.               (a) Ama and Kofi shared the profit earned from their business in the ratio 3:4. The profit was ¢1,743,000.00

(i)           Find how much of the profit each person received.

(ii)        Kofi lent out his share of the profit at a rate of 20% per annum for 2 years. Find the interest on his share.

(iii)      What will be Kofi's total amount at the end of the 2 years?


(b)         Change 243five to a base ten numeral.

3.               (a) Using a ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct,

(i)           triangle PQR such that | PQ |  = 8cm, angle QPR = 60° and angle PQR = 45°. 

(ii)        Measure | QR |.

(b)         A rectangular water tank has length 60cm, width 45cm and height 50cm. 


(i)            the total surface area of the tank when closed

(ii)         the volume of the tank

(iii)       the height of the water in the tank, if the tank contains 81,000cm3 of water.

4.               (a) A car runs on the average at 45 km to 5litres of fuel. Calculate how many litres of fuel are required for a journey of 117km.

(b)         (i) Solve for x in the inequality 2/3 (2x + 5) ≤ 8 2/3  

                           (ii) Illustrate the solution on the number line

(c)          A factory increased its production by 22 ½% and produced 49,000 tonnes. How many tonnes was it producing before?

5.               (a)   (i) Using a scale of 2cm to 1 unit on both axes, draw two perpendicular axes OX and OY on a graph sheet. 

                       (ii) On the same graph sheet, mark the x-axis from –5 to 5 and the y-axis from –6 to 6. 

(b)         Plot the points,          

(i)        P (1, -2) and Q (4, 5)

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(c)           (i) Join PQQ′P′.

                            (ii) Measure angles PQQ′ and PP′Q′. 


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                            (ii) What is the shape of PQQ′P′ ?

6.               (a)  The following are the ages in years of members of a group: 

                                  8, 11, 8, 10, 6, 7, 3x, 11, 11. If the mean age is 9 years, find

(i)         x           

(ii)        the modal age 

(iii)       the median age.


(b)         Draw a bar chart for the distribution 

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