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How to reduce your pot belly and this tip works like magic.

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God created everything in his wisdom so that humans won't suffer in curing some illness and abnormal disease.The following am going to talk about is the cure of natural disease.

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As we are know that all natural things were created by God and in the Bible he said we should eat the fruit and use it leaves to cure all types of ailments. Also most Ghanaians who are herbalist.

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Reduction of pot belly is possible if and only if

You follow this tips correctly.

Stuffs needed:

1.Candle bush


The above stuffs are what you're going to use

The Candle bush is the first picture with yellow flowers.

The Garlic is the second picture you see below this.

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Let's start preparing to reduce the pot belly;

Firstly.Take four teaspoons of the Candle bush and put it in a pot make sure the pot is very clean.

Secondly. Wash four bulbs of the garlic and put it in the same pot containing the Candle bush.

Thirdly.boil the mixture for twenty to thirty minutes with water.

Fourthly.pour it in a cup make sure it becomes warm.

How to use this mixture is as follows:

Take two teaspoon of this mixture every evening.

DURATION this must be taken right away after meals.

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