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Ghana heading towards Brazil and India COVID-19 situation - Policy-path Analysis

StreetEconomist 06/25/2020

Ghana is one of the nations that has been spared by the cold hands of the Coronavirus for more than 100 days since the first two cases were recorded just like how India survived for more than 4 months without any major devastation by the virus.

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However, the story of India's short-lived victory has now turned into a nightmare as the virus is now wreaking havoc on the country whose landmass size is twice as Brazil. The Brazilian situation is one of the worse and is set to be the topmost badly affected country probably due to bad leadership. Is the virus mutating quickly to adopt a population DNA and fight back efficiently? Well, let's take a brief review.

In the Advent of the Coronavirus outbreak in 2019, China was struggling to suppress tension by hiding its impact from the rest of the world while the western worlds were celebrating.

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To the Western world, it was a sign of a bad governmental ideology which is apparently a communist regime.

Prosperity judged the rest of the world after it was shown that it took China three months to record less than one thousand but hundreds of thousands in Europe in just a month. Though the data of the outbreak is still questionable, their unprecedented containment methods must be commended.

When china became overwhelmed, they saw the need to work with science rather than politics. The lockdown was however inhumane but that's why they always say we are not in normal time.

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Forcefully quarantine was very seriously in China unlike my country were quarantine is even unmonitored. The lockdown in many cities that were infected by the virus never lifted restrictions until the death rates reach the peak. But in Ghana, the story was different just like the following devastating countries which path Ghana chose to follow. Let's access their policy paths they opted for that led them to their current COVID-19 state.


The effect of the pandemic in India remains a mystery as to how they share borders with China but were able to remain untouched by the cold hands of this virus. Aside from Nepal, the northwest border of India is shared with china which was the borne father of the virus.

Amazingly, the virus jumped from China and went straight to Europe. At that point, many pundits started to think that the virus has long legs. When Europe was counting thousands of deaths a day, India was still recording less than 50 new cases in a day with no deaths recorded.

When they were quizzed about how they succeeded in suppressing it, we were told that their cow urine provides some kind of unconfirmed immunity against the Coronavirus. Others attributed their short-lived victory to their herbal treatment approach adopted to fight the virus. This was reasonable than the cow urine approach and must be recommended.

Just recently, they are now recording 300 deaths per day on average with an outlier of 2,000 deaths a day on 17th June.

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We might be wondering what happened after suppressing it for long.

Well, the lockdown was lifted on economic grounds just like Ghana. Politics was playing an upper role than science where some influential people were downplaying the capabilities of the Coronavirus. This is also clear to be the scenario in Ghana where the executives who are supposed to show leadership by example were disregarding the protocols during the NPP parliamentary primaries. How can you compare Coronavirus to malaria parasites and expect people to take it seriously in protecting themselves?

Religion was championed as a protocol to not get infected rather than health and hygiene protocol. Fortunately, Ghanaians live to pray, not pray to live. Some other extremists according to the DW news network regarded the Coronavirus as an islamic virus. The ugly things that went unattended to are the reasons why India is now approaching the epicenter stage of the Coronavirus devastation scale. This and the politics taking the upper hand in the fight is a typical example of Ghana's battle tactics against the virus.


Brazil was one of the current epicenters of the Novel Coronavirus. As an American country that championed capitalism and always seeks to follow the footsteps of the United States, they adopted the US tactics to fight the virus. Unfortunately, the US is considered as a "wounded lion" in this pandemic. The devastation left on the Yankee lands is replicating itself on the Amazon's. What went wrong.

President Bolsenaro is a copy cat of President Trump.

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Whether the policies are in the right direction or not, he must adopt them. That's the wrong kind of leadership. He renounced the proposed lockdown with the reason that people must eat but he forgot that the dead don't eat. Industries must survive and the virus is just another type of malaria that we have to prepare to live with it. Gross incompetence indeed. This was a clear example of politics and economics preceding science in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The time the USA was falling, the president never had a second thought to reviewed his approach despite demonstrations by many Brazilians for more strict measures to contain the virus. Recent daily death average is above 1,000 which is worse than what was happening in Italy when it was an epicenter.

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The most painful thing is that the president is still downplaying it. It won't be a surprise if Brazil is crowned as the most devastated country.

Unfortunately, Ghana has been following the same path that the Brazilian government chose. We chose to follow a pure capitalistic approach in which the total lockdown calls were disregarded just to save businesses and the economy. Totally overhauling our health facilities with the required PPEs was never met. The same enchanting words that people must eat was repeated by our government just like that of Brazil's government. I am not a prophet of Doom but the systematic communication by the government to downplay the virus will plunge this country into a serious health crisis. If it can take the virus 6 months to bring India down, then Ghana has not yet won the war against the Coronavirus.

I am afraid to break it to you that the war against COVID-19 is not over until a vaccine is found.

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