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There's Nothing Like Engineered Voter Register

Kofi_Badu 06/26/2020

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Yesterday, I wrote an article on the reasons why no Electoral Commissioner can rig Elections in Ghana. Today, I want to stress on why there is nothing like Engineered voters register as the Ex President and his party are claiming.

The voters register will not be politically engineered, it a complete falacy for anybody to think in that way. Let's respect the Supreme Court (SC) ruling, and also respect the Electoral Commission (EC), and the State's Supremacy.

No Voter ID Card can win any party Elections. If voter ID's wins Elections, then the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Ex President Mahama should have won the 2016 Elections. The NDC introduced the Biometric machines for Elections, but still lost the 2016 General Elections.

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Politician worries themselves unnecessarily with imaginable suspicions which are just a mirage. The NDC and the NPP must work hard in the grassroots, stop fooling the people on the grounds and build an honest and truthful relations with them, this is what wins elections at the polling station level. it is all about genuine fellowship with people at the lower end, where power emanate from.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), effort in the new register is to make it cleaner for, just and fair elections. Over the years the NPP had been involved in the process of making our register much better.

Elections are won by performance and hardwork on the ground and not just by the register. No one can determine where every Ghanaian registering shall be voting for particularly the flowing voters who determine the winner of the elections.

I don't believe in rigging of elections by both the NDC and NPP. Looking at the system put in place by the ECand all the stakeholders. It's not possible unless the parties involve refuse to send compitent polliy agents.

There is nothing like engineered voter register. The former president Mahama is just playing the normal partisan politics.


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