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Pass your wassce by mastering these important topics in core maths

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Below are the most appeared to topics in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (Wassce) Exams.I have omitted some of the topics and from my point of view these are the most important topics to master because those were the topics I gave much attention to way back in shs and by God's grace I had my A1 in core maths easily.

*Set and Operations(which requires you to solve problems mostly using Venn diagrams and other ways)

*Real number system(which examines the property of numbers as to where they are integers,whole numbers,even numbers, counting numbers etc)

*Algebraic expressions(requires you to be able to solve mathematical expressions)

*Numbers bases

*Plane geometry 1(requires you to know all the properties of Angles like right angle triangle,scalene triangle, isosceles triangle etc)

*Plane geometry 2(requires you to know the properties of circles and use them to solve problems)

*Linear equations & Inequalities

*Change of subjects & substitutions into formulae

*Simultaneous equations

*Ratio, Proportion &rate



*Rigid motion

*Mensuration 1

*Mensuration 2

*Probability(be able to solve probability questions with or without replacement; although I haven't seen without replacement questions in core maths before,it's only in Elective that it has appeared,I think it's important to know it as a student of core maths even if you are not doing elective maths).

*Statistics(mean,mode, standard deviation, cumulative frequency curve and table,median)

*Enlargement and similarities.

I therefore encourage all students to learn very and focus very much on the above topics I have mentioned. There are tons of past question apps on Google play store which I encourage you to download them and solve more questions on these particular toipcs.One of the best is call "Wassce Passco App" found on Google play store.

I wish you all the best in your studies and Don't forget to follow me so you don't miss future posts and share this post to your colleagues as well.

Good luck.

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