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She's 15 in Basic Five with three Ex Boyfriends

Togeh 06/26/2020

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Just when she was stopping by my shop to say hi, her colleagues who were going the opposite direction saw her from the other side of the road and started giving her fans, shouting a certain name. She got angry and started warning them not to call her by that name again. 

Her reaction prompted me to prob her. After questioning, She told me she doesn't like what her friends are doing. They are tagging her as the boyfriend of the said name they are mentioning meanwhile he is not even the one. In fact, she is no longer into those boyfriend girlfriend things anymore. 

Really? This particular statement raised my eyebrows and I started asking followup questions. 

So you mean you have a boyfriend? Since when? Who is he? What does he do? Is he also a student? 

"Oh, sir, I use to have a boyfriend but not anymore. I took the first boyfriend when I I was in class two. When I got to class three, I had another one. That one too, I broke up with him because I realize he has another girlfriend. When I got go class four, I started dating a boy from another school. He too keeps pressuring me for sex. He told me he wants to break my virginity. I don't want him to do that so, I broke up with him too. Now that I'm in class five, I decided not to engage in it anymore until I grow.

My jaw was dropped. I was looking at her astonished but suddenly I caught myself and I pretended. I wasn't surprised because she has a boyfriend at 15. It's now become normal for them. I was because I thought I knew her and the things going on around her. This particular one dazzled me but I managed to I hide my surprise. Herh, hmm yoooo 

So I asked her if she is aware that some of been colleagues are pregnant? Then she started mentioning all of them. Even the ones I didn't know about and the ones that gave birth during the school closure period. 

Eeeiii, Our students are enjoying ooo.

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