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There is no genuine man of God except Rev. Eastwood Anaba- Obotan revealed

CediNewsGH 06/25/2020

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The born-again Apostle John Bless Blay who is popularly known as Obotan Wednesday on the Seat show host by Kweku Anan revealed the tricks behind fake miracles and anointing oils done by the prophets and pastors in Ghana.

According to Obotan, Prophet Agya Dan, the founder and leader of Power Revelation Chapel taught him how to make fake anointing oils and later became an expert in making oils which he Obotan named them as judgemental oil, follow me oil and more and it's being used by Prophet Agya Dan today.

He said Agya Dan boys told him to work with prostitutes and wee smokers who will intermingle with the congregants to convinced them about how powerful he is. So I was introduced to 20 prostitutes and wee smokers and they sometimes managed to get me some of the congregants contacts to make false prophecies about them.

Obotan disclosed being slept with more than 2,000 women and became one of the richest pastor with 3 tough bodyguards and having 12 girlfriends in his church. According to him, he became more powerful after a co-pastor introduced him to one fetish priest who gave him 6 and 7 books of Moses.

He said that there was a particular car he used to ride and apart from him during his days in Ashanti region, no one was riding the same car and used to sleep with four ladies per the day he was born.

He further said he learnt all the tricks from other other pastors and prophets especially Prophet Gabriel Akwasi Sarpong and Agya Dan but sometimes it takes your intelligence to learn from them because they were not willing to teach him all the tricks behind fake miracles and anointing oils.

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The host Kweku Anan asked him about the other men of God how authentic they are and Obotan goes straight by saying 'all men of God are liars including Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare a fake pastor who trained Angel Daniel Obinim, except Rev. Eastwood Anaba who is a genuine man of God'.

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