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Anas Videos and the interest of Ghana.

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Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas is set to premier videos about the how people taking advantage of the Corona virus pandemic. This is not the first time Anas will be doing this service for Ghana. He has been involved in a lot of similar investigations. The COCOBOD, Judiciary, Ghana Football Association (GFA), just to name a few. He has done investigation in other countries too. Most of Anas videos in Ghana is done with the interest of the Nation at heart.

Anas videos has nothing to do with any political party but Ghana. lt exposes Ghanaians and politicians in NDC time and it will expose Ghanaians and politicians in NPP times, all for the Good of Ghana. Anas stands for Ghana, let's give him the respect, protection and support.

Anas is a great guy and working to serve the good interest of this Nation. It is only the bad and evil ones in society who will go against his work. Those who are saying Anas is criminal bring the evidence and let's take him to court. No amount of defamation can tarnish the great work he is doing for Ghana.

The worst enemy of Ghana today is not the devil. Christians and Muslims are casting out everyday but CORRUPTION.

Any Individual who is seriously fighting and exposing corruption in Ghana is a saviour.

It is a high risk job for any Ghanaian or anybody whose job is to expose corrupt practises in the system. You can easily be killed for exposing the currupt officials. Such investigations are dangerous.

Anas needs commending and protection to work to expose the cabal and the canker in this country, and not the redicule he sometimes receives from peers and some high personallities in the society.


Source: opera.com
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