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My People, Nana Akufo Addo and NPP has Failed us, This is What They Did to Ghana (Opinion)

KofiLegit 06/26/2020

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Ghana is a great African Nation as it is known across Africa for it's nature of Natural Resources scattered all over the nation, as it pleases Nature to bless her more than any other country in Africa.

Ever since the Incumbent Government assumed office, upon all the massive support he got from most Ghanaians within and outside Ghana, the money spent by individuals and non governmental Agencies and groups, he failed to live up to the standard First placed on him by Ghanaians.

He made a lot of Promises under the umbrella of NPP during his Campaign days, as he's yet to fulfill 20 percent of his Promises. He made over 800 promises and he has not fulfilled up to 90 of those promises he made, in the areas of infrastructural development, Health Sectors, Educational Sectors and other Economic Working system of Country.

Coming to Educational Sector, Ghanaian Teachers has before now pleaded that the Led Government of Nana Akufo Addo should increase their monthly Salaries, but it is still in one of the Promises he Made.

The Health Sectors in Ghana is so dilapidated that the Facilities are way beyond Modern. A lot of Persons suffer at Hospitals due to low class Hospital Facilities, yet the high rate of Hospital Bills is quite Condemning.

Roads and other infrastructure is worst than Ever. A government who cannot stand and protect the lives of immigrants in the country is not capable to protect lives and property of her Own Citizens.

Aviation on it's own is lagging behind in the race of economic growth.

What of the efforts to Curtail the Widespread of Coronavirus pandemic. What has the Led government of Nana Akufo Addo done in the Fight against Coronavirus pandemic across Ghana. People are dying of hunger, some committing suicide and murder because of the high rate the virus is ravaging people. Instead of the Led administration to provide a source of funds or relief materials, he is busy focused his attention on the Ghana forthcoming General elections stated to be held in December 2020. Not that the Money and resources are not there, but they're keeping for what they think is a greater course for Ghana (Election and Politics), whereas the Poor Masses are dying.

If you think am wrong, point out your own opinion and share if what am saying is positive. Thanks for your time.

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Top Comments
DanielMawutor · 06/26/2020
You are right
+233-024004**** · 06/26/2020
Mahama inherited economy growth of 8.6%/to GDP n left it at 3.4%, is that a pass mark. Senseless post...
KonaduCollins · 06/26/2020
they themselves no they have failed

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