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Am not Destroying The Work of God, Am Doing It Well -Kennedy Agyapong States

ezekielmelchisedec 06/29/2020

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The Honourable Member of Parliament for Assin-Fosu central constituency has explained his mission on a plain statement he made on " The Seat " show ,being hosted by Kwaku Anane on NET 2 TV station.

The MP stated that he is not destroying the work of God, neither is he against the church as a whole, as some people think. But rather he is an adversary for fraudsters who are parading themselves as pastors or prophets for that matter and they are cheating or duping the innocent ones who are looking for God by deception .

The honourable in a recent show made his intentions clear and said in essence that he wants to expose the false prophets out of the system, because of their nefarious activities in the dark. These charlatans he believes are impeding the progress of the nation Ghana in the name of religion.

He says he knows God and the word of God according to the bible, thus whatever he is doing he makes sure it's in line with scripture, that is the more reason he quoted the bible to support his mission against the false prophets in the country.

According to Kennedy Agyapong aka Akonpreko ,is not all churches or pastors that are bad ,there are some good ones there. With that he made mention of a Presbyterian Church pastor who was preaching on a radio and he attested to the fact that his message was the real word of God.

Promptly he played an extract of the pastor's message on air on NET 2 TV for few minutes during the show. In contrast Kennedy Agyapong also played a video message of one Prophet Nigel Gaisie, whom he has labelled as a counterfeit prophet ,preaching in his Prophetic Hill Chapel.

The comments he made on Nigel's message was that it is full of personal aggrandisement, accolades and praise ,and that it is not God centred message. In a nutshell Nigel Gaisie was not preaching God's message, but rather he was preaching about himself, so it is not the word of God he was preaching, neither is he doing the work of God.

The men of God that he has so far exposed in his show are Prophet Badu Kobi, Bishop Daniel Obinim, Pastor Ben York , Apostle Owusu Agyei, and Prophet Nigel Gaisie the latest on the show. The MP made sure Obinim was arrested for money laundering and other charges , and he later went and bailed him ,Owusu Agyei also was arrested for murderous threat ,while Badu Kobi was investigated, and some cars were taken from him because of car theft and tax evasion.

Kennedy Agyapong has said that he will make sure that Nigel Gaisie will also be arrested as investigations are on going for charges of conspiracy to murder even the MP himself, as he proved that Nigel Gaisie contacted some gangs to kill him and one of the men came to inform him about the assassination plan .

A number of Ghanaians who have been a victim of the deceptive acts of these quack prophets have come out to share their bitter experience in the hands of these false prophets in the show program.

There are some pastors and personals who have been coming in person to witness against some of these false prophets , while other aggrieved people do call in a phone-in on a live telecast during "The seat" show to recount the way they have been abused by these counterfeit prophets .

Initially, people thought that what Kennedy was doing was politically biased, but as the situation unfolds, the NPP member of Parliament made it clear that it is not politics, but rather religious justice for all who want to serve God.

There have been tangible evidences that are portrayed in pictures, video footages,documents and recorded telephone conversations that Kennedy Agyapong has been using to back up all his claims against the false pastors.

As the scriptures has said by their fruits you shall know them, the allegations that the honourable has been labelling against these charlatans are characterised in sinful deeds, such as womanizing, duping, cheating, ritual performance, killings ,fraudulent deals like money laundering ,tax evasions and the like. It could be recalled that the MP said during one of his shows that he will found the " church of the common sense ", he was laying much emphasis on the fact that the populace must use common sense to deduce the genuineness of any man of God in retrospect to the word of God and reality, instead of following them like "zombies".

Akonpreko, the Member of Parliament in a prototype of Prophet Elijah in the bible verses the prophets of Baal, have been challenging the false prophets that he is exposing that they are actually powerless, and that there is no God with them ,yet they are claiming to be so powerful deceiving the people with tricks . He actually said, if they have God's power enough they would have silenced him metaphysically so that he would not continue to expose their misdeeds .

To know whether or not Kennedy Agyapong is doing the work of God,by exposing false prophets one must know the word of God. Jesus did say in the Holy Bible that in the last days many false prophets shall come and deceive many people by performing deceptive miracles, and that in essence is what is happening . Well what is your take on the issue, is the honourable doing the work of God ?

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