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Fiction: I Opened My Husband's Room Without A Knock See What I Saw

GideonEntertainment 06/25/2020

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Ever since I married this young man who thought it was my dream, I never knew there was a big cockroach in his cabinet. When he took me home, the first thing he told me was, baby, please know. Will you enter this room? I have some important documents there. Please take it seriously, and don't go around that way.

I went home and told a friend of mine what the man who was about to marry me said, and she told me that there was nothing wrong with this instruction. I better illuminate my eyes well so that others will not take him away from me because he sees him very well as a rich man.

After we got married, we started our honeymoon. He loved me so much and cared about me too much. I also love him. When we were on our honeymoon, something happened. I noticed that he turned off the lights at a certain time in the evening. When I asked him, he would say that he just didn’t like it from that moment until dawn. I became very scared.

From that day on, my spirit kept telling me that this house is in big trouble. Therefore, I started praying myself without his involvement. Tell God and show me all the hidden things in this person's life. Although I know that prayer could have been better.

Therefore, one faithful morning, I went to tell him that he was about to rest. I was looking for him everywhere in the whole corner of the house, and I couldn’t find him everywhere.

And I don’t remember seeing him going out, so I heard him on the other side of the room, and he warned me not to enter. Therefore, out of curiosity, I want to know what is happening to them, especially when the sound comes from there.

When I opened the door, what surprised me the most was that I saw a big snake on the bed, and fear caught me. My whole body began to tremble. I started calling for neighbors, so they came, some people saw it, then ran back to see it, and gathered courage, and even saw what was happening.

I almost fainted and saw my husband turn into a snake before going out every morning. This is my dawn.

I thought I knew this person. I never knew that I was married to a snake person. Please meet someone who can provide you with the conditions to enter and not enter his house, so that your life will be better.

Please always remember this story, not how to do it. I know that although this is fictitious, I can be sure that people of that nature will indeed exist full-time. But this does not mean that we have no good people.

Hope this article helped you this morning? For our ladies, excessive curiosity about marriage has led to some serious consequences. Always wait for the appropriate time.

As a lady, if you see this in your husband’s house, what is your reaction? If he becomes human again, will you still get married?

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Top Comments
NuhuMadina_01 · 06/26/2020
that means u should always obey what your husband tells u anyway thank God for your life
JamesAlienaAbaakey · 06/26/2020
It is fiction n let it remain lyk dat
GUEST_rkX7MoGOV · 06/26/2020
my God
GUEST_DO6JBel6b · 06/26/2020
that tells you all that gilts are not gold

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