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New Study reveals cause of Ghana's Earth Tremor in Accra kasoa or across Ghana and locations up next

Ignited_Blade 06/25/2020

Hello In this article you will understand all you need to know about tremors. Tap the +Follow button above for more educational content.

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To be brief and precise on a tremor is an involuntary movement/displacement of earth surface caused by intense stress or tension in underground rocks. An earth tremor is a relatively/comparatively small or short time movement of the earth’s surface as a result of by the same forces that produce earthquakes. Earth tremors are strong/intense enough to be felt by people. Many scientists claim earth tremors can or may occur as a result of the force exerted on the rock mass exceeds its strength or the weight load it can hold.

Some earth tremors recorded earlier in Ghana.

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Since the 1980's, Ghana has experienced two earth tremors the first in 2018 and and the other in 2019. These tremors were recorded mostly in the areas of mainly Accra. Some of the suburbs where the experience of the tremors were immensely felt were the, Gbawe, Westland, Awoshie, Abelemkpe, Tabora, Achimota, Ablekuma, Sowutuom, Old Kasoa Barrier, New Bortianor, , Laterbiokorshie, McCarthy Hill and Legon. Observers said they felt their buildings and rooms/houses severely/vigorously shaking during the tremor this time with intense thunder.

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Just yesterday, some parts of Ghana were hit by an earth tremor. This occurred a few around 11:00 pm thus the 24th of june. The tremor was recorded in parts of theEastern Region and Greater Accra, Central. The affected areas this time included Dansoman, Achimota,, Santa Maria, Gbawe, Weija, Madina, Tesano, Kwabenya, Nsawam, Koforidua, and the list continues.

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A resident of Weija by name Mawuli Zogbenu, said he experienced the earth tremor three times in different intensities.

'It started at exactly 10:48 pm. Initially, we thought because it was a rainy season, it was normal. But it happened again in a few seconds. And it happened the third time. As I speak with you a lot of families are out of their rooms trying to look for safety places,' he Stated. Other people also shared their experience on social media.


To compare and contrast the two, they are both signs of seismic movement or wave movement within the earth. The main differentiating factor is the intensity of the movement as earthquakes are known to be more intense compared to earth tremors. When the tremor exceeds five in terms of its intensity on the moment magnitude scale, which is a scale between 0 to 10, it is referred to as an earthquake.


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From records in 1615, an earthquake occurred in Ghana with magnitude/intensity greater than 6.0 on the Richter Scale(1-10). There are records that another earthquake also in 1636 in caused a calamity in several parts of Axim. 1862 another was recorded in Accra. The Director General of the Ghana Standards Authority, Prof. Alex Dodoo in an article on November 16-2013 newspaper titled, 'Can Ghana sustain health after a major natural disaster?' published that 'In 1906, an earthquake destroyed several buildings in Ho and its environs but fatalities were few. The most serious earthquake recorded in Ghana was the June 1939 earthquake that destroyed most of James Town, Accra, killing nearly 150 people and causing massive economic loss.'

'Indeed, if this same earth tremor had occurred today, the loss of life would be catastrophic and the economic losses would be such that the earthquake could be charged with “causing financial loss to the state” if the earthquake were a person and not an act of God' he added.


There are so many natural factors that leads to the formation of earth tremors. These include

1. volcanic activities.2.

folding and faulting

3. plate tectonics

4. human activities like rock mining, blasting and oil exploration

5. nuclear explosions could lead to earth tremors.

considering the places that were affected with the tremor, such as Accra are densely populated places with growing , masses day in day out. From an opinion, the lock-down has cause many people to be stable keeping a constant weight on the underlying rock and hence the serious stress build up and a resulting tremor.


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An earth tremor could range from death to injury or loss of properties all depending on its intensity as it breaks out.Other effects are damage to structures, displacement of masses which can in turn trigger another tremor.


Severe earth tremors, with high intensity like earthquakes cannot be avoided. This is resulting from some underlying natural factors which lies beyond human control. In the mean while, the effects of a tremor can be minimized,especially the effect/damage it has on buildings. One of the biggest threat to buildings from earthquakes and tremor is the case where the earth shifts. Most Architects and construction engineers need to take this into consideration when designing or building structures.

A type of foundation referred to as floating foundation is adviced to be used by builders as it involves the use of certain materials that have the ability to move with the moving earth, especially in earthquake prone places.


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The first thing i would say is try not to panic as this could worsen matters. Get up and look for a safe place. Turn off the gas, taps and electrical appliances which cna spark or ignite or cause fire outbreak. It is best to stay in an open space away from powerlines, bridges and trees or in an open place where you can see everythhing falling. If you are indoors, please Quickly drop to the ground and crawl to safety under a heavy furniture thus table or sofa. Please stay away from the shelves, windows or the kitchen as the shaking could move more dangerous objects towards you or shatter window panes leading to injuries.

Try to Keep your phone very close and do not use it except there is an emergency.

Locate your first-aid box and keep in close proximity or a safe distance.


Do your best to protect yourself as quickly as possible, In severe situations that means remembering these three actions

1. drop

2. cover

3. hold.

1. Drop: This means get down on your hands and knees to protect yourself from being knocked over by moving objects. This also makes it easier to crawl for shelter.

2. Cover: Do well to place your arm and hand over your head and neck to protect them from debris or breakages. Move under any nearby tables to shelter you until the shaking stops. If a table is not close, sidle up to one of your home’s interior walls far from tall objects and furniture that might fall down. A common misconception in seeking cover is that doorways offer the best protection during an earthquake. But according to the Earthquake Country Alliance, this is true as this could be of help

3. Hold: Don't move untill the shaking stops. If you’re under a table, keep hold of it with one hand qnd don't move. If you’re out in the open, continue to protect your head and neck with your arms tightly.


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From the records and the persistent history of tremors that were affected, I would personally advice you to keep away from the locations mentioned above which have multiple cases of tremors, it may not be a tremor next time but a quake. Prepare for a case of emergency. I personally also hope we don't experience such tremors again. If you have any useful information do well to drop it in the comments as it may be useful to many.

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