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Eno Barony; Stop Labeling Us As "Female Rappers.”

Jeyspyke 06/24/2020

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Ghanaian Female Rapper, Eno Barony has expressed that adding their sex when alluding to them as artists isn't right and ought not be energized. 

As indicated by her, they all "utilization similar receivers" subsequently, ought not be marked dependent on their sexual orientation. 

This comes after ladies who are doing music in Ghana are frequently alluded to as "female performers" though their male partners are alluded to as just "artists." 

In a plunk down meeting with Arnold on his Vibes in 5 show, she expressed: 

"They are placing us in a case in such a case that you need to discuss artistes since we as a whole utilizing similar mouthpieces and stages, you should call us artistes … then why not resemble male artiste and female artiste? " she tested. 

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She additionally included that ladies are contending indistinguishable levels from men, henceforth they ought not be given extraordinary treatment and saw as the "more vulnerable" gender.

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"Ladies are uncommon, yes we are nevertheless I have this mindset that what a man can, a lady can likewise do. With the goal that thing like ladies are the most fragile so how about we do this for them, I don't get tied up with that," she included.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
StephenOpppong · 06/25/2020
Yh ENO is the best rapper tho when it comes to the female artist but she cannot compare herself to the Male artist
SethGh · 06/24/2020
She once said when it comes to rap, she has no “vajay” lol

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