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Here Is Why Ghana Should Be Called The Giant Of Africa Instead Of Nigeria - (Opinion)

Officialnewsreporter 06/29/2020

Ghana formerly known as Gold Coast was the first country in history to break free from her colonial masters. Ghana fought to be free from oppression by her colonial masters and became a sovereign country, free from external rule and interference in 1957.

The word "Giant" does not only signify the hugeness of an object or anything, it also refers to one's capabilities to handle both trying and unforeseen circumstances. A giant is courageous and never relents, that what guarantees it to be termed by the name.

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Although Ghana may not be as huge as Nigeria in size, Ghana deserves to be called the Giant of Africa. Taking a good look at where Ghana has reached today, you will agree with this. Won't you?

A nation that is always known for bad occurrences and evil omen such as kidnappings, assaults, all theft cases you can think of, bribery/corruption, how on earth should such nation be termed as a Giant. Or does it mean Giant by Corruption?

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Let's access this situation properly, please note that I'm not trying to scorn or shame any country. I'm just giving visible facts and making you see the reasons why Ghana should wear the crown of competency.

Some claim that Nigeria feeds Ghana and I'm yet to see the visible proofs. All countries depend on each other in terms of trade by barter. So in that case, no one should say Nigeria is feeding Ghana because there are scarce resources owned by Ghana which Nigeria equally depends on.

Ways Ghana Has Contributed To Bring A Good Reputation To Africa As A Whole:

I will not compare and contrast in this scenario, instead, I will make you see the good side of Ghana, and how privileged you are as a citizen.

1. In the world of blacks, Ghana is known to be the most peaceful country in the sub-Sahara. There is nothing as good as safety and peace of mind. Being in a country where you will have no fear or cause of worry whenever you want to go out in the night, is a different joy altogether.

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Especially in times like this, where people are looking for how to get their daily bread, then they end up indulging in fraudulent and uncultured acts, aimed at robbing the poor. I still can assure you that compared to other countries in Africa, Ghana will always remain a safe place to reside.

The whites always think that blacks are known for harassing and stealing from them. Our very own Ghana has made a good reputation of Africa as a whole because the White's mentality towards the blacks has improved over time through visits.

2. Some usually say, Ghana is a mini London and that is just the truth. Ghana tries to give her citizens a constant supply of electricity and water. Meanwhile, in the country that is termed as the Giant of Africa, the reverse is the case.

Few times, I have heard people saying Ghana gets its supply of electricity from Nigeria. My question always goes this way, "How about their country?". 

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The case may be that it is due to bad governance, but the truth is, one has to consider him/herself while being generous to others. In that way, it will never be termed as selfishness.

3. Ghana's economy has progressed over time, and there is no way Ghana will be omitted when accessing the best countries in Africa. The truth will always be that quality matters more than quantity.

A nation shouldn't be termed as a Giant because of the number of people residing there. The main thing is the manner and capability status of that nation. Ghana has proven to be capable in so many aspects that should make her eligible and worth being called the "Giant of Africa".

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I will draw my curtain by saying, all countries are special in their different way. Nigeria has something that makes her special, so has Ghana. But the truth will always be told, in all ramifications Ghana deserves to be called the Giant of Africa instead of Nigeria.

The only problem and hindrance that Ghana is facing is the issue of weak leadership, and I believe that in the 2020 elections which will be held in December, Ghanaians will choose to be wise and select a capable candidate that will get us our well-deserved crown.

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Thank you.

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Top Comments
AyimEbenezer · 06/30/2020
Please i am a Ghanaian but some write ups are unnecessary, Nigeria as a country also have many things it can boast of. If you talk of corruption, what is happening in Nigeria is not different from what is happening in Ghana, just that Nigerians make most noise about every issue while Ghanaians hide behind politics to claim they are not corrupt. In terms of GDP and many more,Ghana cant come close to Nigeria, so some of this argument shouldn't be made.
+233-026370**** · 06/29/2020
in 2020 Ghana will bring back JDM to come and continue the good and gigantic infrastructure that GH has never seen
Naija.reporter · 06/30/2020
Nice Write-up
AsantewaaAddo_01 · 06/30/2020
It true Ghana is growing, but Nigerias won't like this Article, nd the well threw insult.

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